SlideBelts Survival Belt

Posted: February 03, 2018
Slidebelts Survival Belt

SlideBelts' Survival Belt elevates more than just your outdoor adventure pants. The rugged, infinitely adjustable strap culminates in a multi-tool Survival Buckle, made of glass-filled nylon, and filled with an integrated folding knife with bottle opener, LED flashlight, and a ferrocerium fire starter rod. It's similar to the Sync II belt buckle, but with men on the trail, on the boat, and on the hunt in mind.

The Survival Buckle's knife is forged from heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel with a Titanium Nitride coating. It's one-hand operable via a liner locking mechanism. The Survival Belt strap consists of an internal webbing core coated in a TPU alloy protective shield; it's leather-free and compliant with US FDA skin-sensitivity requirements. In other words, SlideBelts made the Survival belt to last you for years of wear, and to suit you for hours of wear. Continuous notches that run the interior length of the belt enable adjustment for most girths.

The Survival Belt is also waterproof, heat-resistant to 214 degrees F before the strap begins to soften, flexible even in the coldest conditions, and UV-protected against cracking.

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