SlapSee Slap Bracelet Sunglasses

By: on July 01, 2015
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Ahhh, they even come in hot pink. This summer's ultimate nod to the 90s is brought to you by SlapSee Sunnies, a--dare I say ingenious?--creation out of Wellington, New Zealand. The glasses are designed with arms similar to the slap bracelets of my youth: rigid and slightly concave when extended, spiraled up and hugging your handlebars, wrist, or gearshift like a boa on a mission when smacked. A hinged nose-bridge that enables the sunglasses to collapse at the center completes the SlapSee's feat of endlessly entertaining compaction. Check out the video to see them go split & curl.

SlapSee frames are lightweight, with their roll-up arms covered in tactile silicone. Dark tinted lenses have a UV 400 grading, which will block 100% of harmful UV rays. But only if you actually wear the sunglasses on your face. SlapSee Sunnies color choices include Hot Pink, Mustard, Radiant Blue, Charcoal Gray, Coral, and Black.

Note: The $39.99 price tag quoted on SlapSee's purchasing page at printing represents New Zealand dollars. All orders will be billed in NZD.

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Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

$14.89 - $18.99 from Amazon »

Chicanery! I clicked on a link promising Peeps under the giddy assumption that I was going to get some marshmallow turkeys or chickies in Santa hats. And all I got was an eyeglass cleaner!...

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Sacuba Self-Cleaning Sunglasses

$79 from Sacuba »

It's Sweat On / Sweat off with Sacuba's self-cleaning sunglasses. The Aussie eyewear company says they've created a world's first with their frames and lenses that require no cloth to clean up when sweat, dust, skin oil...

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Blackout Bands - Sleep Mask Sunglasses

$19.99 from Blackout Bands »

Three things: 1) Welcome to 2016; 2) I've got a little something for your hangover. Especially if you have to open your eyes today; and 3) Kellan Lutz isn't a vampire, but he does play one in the worst movies in the history...

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Inventio HD Video Sunglasses

$129.95 from SpyTec »

One thing I've always wanted to do while fending off UV rays is record myself fending off UV rays. Granted, this usually entails lying on my ass in the company of a sand-free beach mat, a 6-pack...fine, a case...of Bud...

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Glowing Sunglasses

$69 - $129 from Etsy »

In addition to offering a bunch of sick shades, sunglasses maker Kevin of Neon Nightlife also offers some suggestions on how best to use his eye-catching glowing designs. These include:...

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KarbonOptix Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Sold Out from Amazon »

Have you ever been like, Where are my sunglasses?! Where are my sunglasses?! only to realize they're right on top of your head? Or your face? Get a pair of KarbonWorx's KarbonOptix carbon fiber sunglasses and that's going...

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Dope Swimsuit

I suppose the Dope Swimsuit describes how the women wearing it look and feel, as well as what the men who see these women act like they have been smoking. A jet black one-piece with "Dope" spelled in hip cursive just...

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OYOBox Mini Sunglasses Case

$135 - $195 from Amazon »

OYOBox sees your future. It's bright. So bright you gotta wear four pairs of shades. Or at least have four on hand, stored neatly in a carbon fiber sunglasses case, to swap out according to the day's clothing choices...

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Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Sold Out from Amazon »

Sunglasses. They can become as iconic as the people whose eyes they cover. Like the ones that Aykroyd and Belushi wore in The Blues Brothers. That Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun. That Ray Charles wore in...life. And now...

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Nerdwax Glasses Grip

$12.99 from Amazon »

Glasses-wearing nerds rejoice! Glasses-wearing non-nerds and sunglasses-wearing anyone can do a little jig too if you ever have trouble keeping your specs and shades positioned securely on your face without constantly...

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Polarized Floating Sunglasses

$15.76 from Amazon »

Rafting? Fishing? Boating? Bending over a toilet? Don't lose your sunglasses to the laws of density again! BlueWater's floating sunglasses have both a lightweight frame and neoprene foam lining to guarantee they won't...

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Seqinetic SAD-Battling Sunglasses

$75 from Seqinetic »

Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you get it, get ready to get it. The cold's rolling in, the dark's bearing down, and the overwhelming desire to turn in with the grizzly bears for the next 6 months is taking over. For...