SlapSee Slap Bracelet Sunglasses

Posted: July 01, 2015
SlapSee Slap Bracelet Sunglasses

Ahhh, they even come in hot pink. This summer's ultimate nod to the 90s is brought to you by SlapSee Sunnies, a--dare I say ingenious?--creation out of Wellington, New Zealand. The glasses are designed with arms similar to the slap bracelets of my youth: rigid and slightly concave when extended, spiraled up and hugging your handlebars, wrist, or gearshift like a boa on a mission when smacked. A hinged nose-bridge that enables the sunglasses to collapse at the center completes the SlapSee's feat of endlessly entertaining compaction. Check out the video to see them go split & curl.

SlapSee frames are lightweight, with their roll-up arms covered in tactile silicone. Dark tinted lenses have a UV 400 grading, which will block 100% of harmful UV rays. But only if you actually wear the sunglasses on your face. SlapSee Sunnies color choices include Hot Pink, Mustard, Radiant Blue, Charcoal Gray, Coral, and Black.

Note: The $39.99 price tag quoted on SlapSee's purchasing page at printing represents New Zealand dollars. All orders will be billed in NZD.

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