Magnetic Makker Keychain

Posted: March 24, 2016
Magnetic Makker Keychain

No, it's not a real Monkey Fist, but the Makker Keychain is still a handy little piece of EDC. Also one that is way more legal in your state and way less likely to put your eye out. This handmade knot of leather is wrapped around a strong rare earth magnet able to adhere its keychain extension and at least 6 keys from your fridge, light switch by the door, or any other receptive surface. So you won't lose them in the clutter, or walk off without them again.

Magnetic Makker Keychains are as low-profile as they are high-strength. Available in about 7 different colors, the tiny ball and chains slip easily into a pocket or bag. And, no, their magnetism won't F up your phone or credit card strips. The Makker leather wrap is thick enough to prevent interference.

Makker Keychain leather is coated with Otter wax both for protection and to give it some extra friction for hold on polished metal surfaces. See a GIF of one in action here.

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