Machine Gun Stockings

By: on May 11, 2012
Machine Gun Stockings
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Ladies, when it's Saturday night, and you can't decide whether you're on the prowl for the suave James Bonds a garter holster and peek-a-boo pistol would attract, or the BSC Tony Montana-type lured more by a fully automatic submachine gun strap-on, it's best to play it safe and wear them both. The Cultlabel's Machine Gun Stockings arm legs with a duo of firearm likenesses that put the ta-hight in tights. Hosiery is sheer to give the illusion of tattooed weaponry, or da Vinci caliber Sharpie proficiency. According to the listing, Machine Gun Stockings are a "free size", which probably means one size fits all Europeans, and approximately 20% of Americans.