M16 Sunglasses

Posted: December 10, 2012
M16 Sunglasses

When I was in New Orleans a couple years ago, I saw this painted on the wall of a bar: "I Love Boys, Guns & Jesus." I imagine the girl who penned and crafted it wearing a pair of Jeremy Scott + Linda Farrow M16 Sunglasses. And maybe some hot lace skull & crossbones pants. I mean, I'm pretty sure the gunned up and blinged out eyepieces are for girls, right? Girls and pimps. And probably Chuck Norris could pull them off.

The Scott/Farrow gun sunglasses appear to be gold, but the coloration is a trickery of modern metal magic, as the frames are actually made of nickel and silver. Maybe they turned them gold with this. Which is what I'm going to use to turn my ballin' Christmas ham gold this year. The M16 pieces are part of a limited edition, so if you'd like to add them to your collection of gun-themed paraphernalia, better start counting your jar of pennies and hope they total 49,000.

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