Know Your Knots Bandana

Posted: November 06, 2017
Know Your Knots Bandana

I'm a taut-line hitch. Know Your Knot! I'm a lark's head. Know Your Knot! I'm a figure 8, I'm an alpine butterfly. Know Your Knot, Know Your Knot!

Colter Co. makes a whole bunch of bandanas, but my favorite is this square of Know Your Knots. Fifteen different illustrated rope-looping how-tos decorate the front of the bandana, making it a useful and easily stuffed addition to your survival kit or day pack, or any outdoorsman's Christmas stocking.

The 22" bandana is 100% cotton, and its seafoam "Know Your Knots" background and black knot-tying / usage guide are dyed with water-based ink, so the colors won't fade.

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