HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag

By: on January 12, 2013
  • HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag
  • HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag
  • HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag
  • HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag
  • HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag
$128.95 - $229
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Several months ago, Vincent Ng ran an extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign for his HALO LED Sport Belt, which he is now manufacturing and selling for the luminous enjoyment and nighttime safety of all. Round 2 of Ng's fight for entrepreneurial domination is his variation on the belt, the HALO ZERO. The HALO ZERO is a messenger bag fitted with the same trademark LED eye candy, but whose purpose is to store your shit, as opposed to holding your shit up. All while preventing you from getting run over by a car or the manic lady down the street who goes for an 8-mile jog at 11 p.m.

At first I wondered, Why a bag when there's already a belt? Then I remembered that some people don't like belts. Such as those who find a second apparatus encircling their waist constricting, those who enjoy having their pants droop, those (like my dad) who prefer elastic waistbands, those with very fat guts who don't need any assistance holding their pants up, and those who, one too many times, have been this close to hitting the john in time for their #2, but missed it due to spending a few too many seconds fumbling with a belt buckle. Those people would probably prefer a HALO ZERO.

HALO ZERO aims to project a philosophy of Form, Function, and Footprint. Its simple, low-profile black bag design complements the blaze of neon its battery-powered LED band strip emits, as well as accommodates a 13" to 15" laptop, stashes of homemade crayons, and a journal or two of People I Want to Punch in the Face. HALO ZEROs are all made from scratch in San Francisco, and created from sustainable materials in a minimal-waste production process.

Bag measurements are 11" high x 18" wide x 6" deep. Features include a quick-adjust shoulder strap, two front pockets in addition to the main compartment, and an accessory system. HALO color choices are red, green, blue, or yellow, and the band garners power from two standard CR2025 batteries. It has three modes of illumination: solid; strobe; and flash.

The HALO ZERO LED Messenger Bag runs on Kickstarter through March 8, 2013. Bags with a single LED strip in the backer's choice of color run $128. Higher pledge amounts return additional, swappable HALO strips.

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