CoolKnot No-Tie Shoelaces

Posted: November 23, 2016
CoolKnot No-Tie Shoelaces
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CoolKnots are for the kids, the elderly, the disabled, the athletes, and the lazy amongst us. So basically everyone on earth who wears shoelaces and can't learn how, bend over, or take the time to tie them. Or, for the lazy like me, just doesn't want to, dammit. Using the clever and not-bad-looking design of a snake that just ate a few litters of mice, these no-tie shoelaces thread through your sneakers' (or fine Brooks Brothers'!) eyelets just like normal laces, but without the need to fold, wrap, and make bunny ears to secure them at the top. Once in place, you can either rethread the excess CoolKnot ends back through the outer eyelets, or cut off the excess. The company says they've woven the laces so they won't fray or come undone during activity.

CoolKnots come in 5 different colors, including more subtle black and white, and lengths suitable for either children's or adult shoe sizes. In addition to kids who can't tie their shoes, CoolKnots can make foot loading and unloading more accessible to seniors with arthritis or limited mobility, people on the autism spectrum, and pregnant women done trying to reach their feet for the next 6 weeks. Triathletes looking to speed up their event transition time, plus runners and other fitness enthusiasts might also dig a stocking stuffed with the convenience of CoolKnots.

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