Chewbelta - Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover

Posted: May 31, 2017
Chewbelta - Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover
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The Chewbelta is your Wookiee for the wide to work, as well as the latest Chebacculous Star Wars gift for your favorite fan. Slip the furry Chewbacca bandolier over a seat belt and press together the Velcro closures to turn s/he who sits behind it into the best co-pilot in history. (And, hopefully, the best driver in present day.)

According to your local Click It Or Ticket campaign the Chewbelta will make all who don it look so Wookiee-ing awesome they - and their kids - will never drive off without fastening their seat belts again. I'll bet a Chewbelta would also keep the rough, oddly sharp edge of the seatbelt strap from digging into my neck when I reach over to pick up my phone that has flown off the center console onto the passenger side floor mat.

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