Batman Hooded & Winged Backpack

Posted: July 01, 2013
Batman Hooded & Winged Backpack
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Here's a silver lining, or at least some black polyester, for the poor bastards who have to go to summer school: DC Comics' Batman Backpack...with Bat ear hood...and...du-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuhnuh...BAT! WINGS! As with any loyal fanboy's shoulder-mounted bookbag, the Batman logo runs across the front of this beauty, but stirring shit up a little on the playground is its addition of a chest strap with a Batman shield, waist strap with a Batman utility belt, and concealed set of pointy-eared hood and wings with wrist straps.

Whomever sweeps into remedial math wearing this backpack is getting mad respect. Or the ever-loving Gotham beat out of him. Kids are such narcissistic little jackasses with no concept of loving thy neighbor and not coveting thy neighbor's Batman Backpack these days.

Hooded and winged Dark Knight carriers are intended for teens/adults aged 14 and up. All straps are adjustable.

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