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Vaporizer + Bong Hydrology9 Holiday Special

$199 from Cloudious9 »

Cloudious9 is currently running a Holiday Special Bundle - for $199 you will receive a Hydrology9 Vaporizer, a Genuine Leather case, and a Replacement Glass Tube. But you've got just 2 days to inhale this deal before...

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Sweat Tailor Comfort Apparel

$44 - $119 from Sweat Tailor »

I can tell you one dude who's gonna need some Sweat Tailor breathable, stretchable, but-still-look-presentable pants and shirts for all the holiday dinners and parties he's got left to make polite conversation and stuff...

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The Dark Knot Men's Ties & Accessories

$29 - $195 from The Dark Knot »

The Dark Knot is a men's tie and accessory retailer, a subscription service, and an online consultant for aspiring gentlemen of style. In other words, if you know a dude who's currently the Before version of Steve Carell...

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Mini Materials 1:12 Scale Mini Cinder Block Pallet

$19.99 from Mini Materials »

How small is Mini Materials' Mini Cinder Block Pallet? The 1:12 construction pieces measure 1.3" x 0.66" x 0.66" each, and you'll get 24 cinder blocks, plus their wooden pallet coaster in the set. So, small enough to...

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Sure Fuck Cologne & Fuck Me Perfume

$24.75 - $44 from SF Cologne »

Sure Fuck USA and the Sure Fuck Science Team have cooked up and calibrated a duo of scents--Sure Fuck Cologne and Fuck Me Perfume--for one express and guaranteed purpose: to get you f...ragrant. Sure Fuck Cologne and...

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New Products from The Ridge

$40 - $109 from The Ridge »

The Ridge began its retaliation against bulk and excessive EDC with a series of slim front pocket plate wallets. Four years and over 200,000 Ridge Wallet owners later, the company is injecting its contemporary, minimalist...

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Flag & Anthem Apparel - Clothes For Dudes Like You

$12.25 - $129.50 from Flag & Anthem »

The guys who started Flag & Anthem did it because they noticed something fishy about their wardrobes: they were paying out the box pleats for the button-ups that looked and felt good to wear, but the shirts they snagged...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Biostrap Total Health Wearable

$250 from Biostrap »

With Biostrap you don't need to choose whether to wear your activity tracker on your wrist or your shoe, your upper or your lower body: this Total Health system comes with a pair of symbiotic wearables that sync to analyze...

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The Reel-Quik Hitch

$299 from Hitchrific »

Hitchrific designed their Reel-Quick Hitch to eliminate the Rumpelstiltskin effect from your trailer hookup efforts: no more bulging eyes, no more swearing, and no more frustration so extreme so you stomp yourself right...

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PropHim Leak-Proof Men's Underwear

$24.99 - $29.99 from PantyProp »

Don't think of PantyProp's PropHim boxer briefs as underwear for male incontinence. Think of them as underwear for the times you laugh so hard you pee your pants. The times you can squeeze in a gym session, but not the...

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TravelScratcher Scratch-Off World Map

Let your artwork tell your story with the TravelScratcher Scratch-Off World Map. This sleek black and gold depiction of the world begins as a modern, infographic-esque wall hanging, and then adds both color and braggin'...

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Shirt Battle NFL-Star Wars Mashup T-Shirts

$16 - $19 from Shirt Battle »

Shirt Battle's NFL-Star Wars Mashup T-Shirts are making me question everything I've ever known! I don't like the Atlanta Falcons, but...the Atlanta Millennium Falcons? And the Dallas Cowboys can suck it, but the Dallas...

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Fiddle Stick: A Must See Modular Fidget Toy

$16 - $20 from Ellusionist »

The Fiddle Stick is a fidget toy, yes. But a fidget toy made by the magicians (no really, literal magicians) at Ellusionist is never just a fidget toy. They think of the Fiddle Stick more like a "one-handed Nunchucks...

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UpCart Lift Stair Climbing Hand Truck

$109 from UpCart »

The UpCart Lift is up for anything you are. Haul the new fridge up the front steps...and then back down when you find it's 2 inches too wide for its nook. Move your prep station, stacked on top of your grill, stacked...

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IRONATE - 3-Minute Brick Oven Pizza on Your Stovetop

$159 from Ironate »

IRONATE doesn't just cook brick oven pizza without a brick oven, it cooks it without any oven at all. The IRONATE is a dish of intense heat conduction that needs only 3 minutes and a stovetop - even the glass flattop...

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Broquets - Gifts with Real Men in Mind

$15 - $99 from Broquet »

Broquets are cornucopias of gifts for guys who like to drink with as much style as they do reckless abandon. Guys who are masters of the grill...or at least masters of making sure no one tells them otherwise. Guys who...

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Carnivore Club - Exclusive Club for Meat Eaters

$50 - $55 from Carnivore Club »

A Carnivore Club Tale. It's the beginning of the month and the doorbell rings. First thought: Ugh, what fundraiser, salesperson, or kid selling peanut brittle for judo camp am I going to have to turn down this time? But...

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HeroMods - Become a 3D Printed Superhero

$99 from HeroMods »

Be a hero this holiday season, and HeroMod your favorite kid, bro, boyfriend, girlfriend, or mailman into a 3D printed superhero version of themselves. Or be a hero for life, and turn your own likeness into a suited-up...

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Iron & Resin - Clothes For Rugged & Refined Dudes

Iron & Resin makes apparel and accessories for dudes who want to ride into the storm, and who want the clothes on their back to come out the other side as unscathed as they are. For dudes who expect to spend the day casting...

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Gnomon Roman Sundial Watch

$264 - $276 from Solar Lab »

Get your time on, your style on, your history on, your Gnomon with Solar Lab's single hand watch inspired by ancient Roman sundials. The timepiece's clock face recreates the look of a sundial, with Roman numerals I to...

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Beckett Simonon Handmade Leather Shoes

$199 from Beckett Simonon »

Beckett Simonon crafts fine leather footwear that doesn't cost the feet you'll wear them on to purchase. With a collection of formal, business, and casual footwear they switch up or add to monthly, Beckett Simonon gives...

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AR Racer Speed Augmented Reality Mobile Game

$49 from ASY Labs »

AR Racer Speed takes the real-life Matchbox-style cars you used to flick across the living room and kitchen table and plants them on top of your smartphone. Where instead of flicking and watching the cars roll a few feet...

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Key Titan - Your Keys, Silenced, Organized & Secured

$16 - $27 from Pry.Me »

The Key Titan puts your lock openers on the lockdown. A neat, compact, jingle-free keychain with a carabiner skeleton, the Key Titan series organizes between 5 and 10 keys into a slim and secure block. It won't bounce...

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GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

$220 from GLO Science »

I'm not sure which I'll dig more: the 5 shades lighter the GLO Brilliant teeth whitening device will render my smile in less than a week, or the 50 shades more blue and luminescent it will make my mouth while I'm wearing...

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SHTF Mystery Gear Box Club

$19.99 - $89.99 from SHTF Gear »

From SHTF: Do you want survival and prepper gear but don't want to have to constantly scour the web looking for the best stuff? Sign up for our SHTF Survival monthly subscription box for as low as $19.99 per month. You'll...

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The Knockout + Herb Bowl Bundle

$60 from The Knockout »

If The Knockout beer / water / gravity bong didn't knock you out hard enough in Round 1, get ready for Round 2: The Knockout and Herb Bowl Bundle....

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Hideez Wearable Digital Key

$49 from Hideez »

The Hideez Key is your 9-gram knight in digital armor. The wearable piece of Bluetooth-powered data, device, and door security performs numerous feats of strength in the battle to keep your personal information and possessions...

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Eletrunks Functional Freeballing Underwear

$28 - $32 from Eletrunks »

Eletrunks are underwear with a Lifter cord that allows for subtle adjustment of your prized package during wear. So they're "functional freeballing underwear" not because they'll leave your balls to bounce and jerk around...

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Quilo - Fan with Air Cooler & Humidifier

$99 - $119 from Quilo »

The Quilo fan, unlike so many people I know, does more than find a spin and blow around hot air. This all-in-one air cooler and humidifier uses evaporative technology, and your addition of water or ice, to reduce the...

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Fastlane Swimming Pool Current Machine

$7,400 from Endless Pools »

Make your own current events this summer with the Fastlane* by Endless Pools*. The Fastlane is an adjustable current simulator you can install in any backyard swimming pool. Use it to enhance water fitness or therapy...

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Infinity Cube Luxury EDC Fidget Toy

$75 from Infinity Cube »

Spinners making you dizzy? Then try your fidget toy cubed. The Infinity Cube is a fidget-friendly piece of EDC made for one-handed focus and stress relief like its spinning cohorts, but composed of 8 x 20mm cubes you...

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Wanachi Mega Massager (NSFW)

$134.95 from Adam & Eve »

Normally I would call the Wanachi Mega Massager a thing that makes you go hmmm. But in this case, ladies, the GIANT vibrating wand might better be described as a thing that makes you go O. At least if it does its job...

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Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit

$14.99 - $19.99 from Miswak Club »

Mis-what? Miswak. And not as in, "Mind your own Miswak," or "Let's go Miswak through the backwoods." As in, "Miswak your way to a future smile so bright they gotta wear shades. Miswak, named after the Peelu / Arak tree...

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TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool

$29 from TIHK »

From TIHK: Are you ready for the sh*t to hit the proverbial fan? Survival in an urban environment is complex. You may not be getting chased by bears (although never say never), but the range of threats you can face in...

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Arceo Wallet & Magnetic Carry System

$65 - $110 from Ronin Energetics »

Check out the gallery of Ronin Energetics' Arceo Wallets. Not only do the CNC-milled cash and card carriers swap out short-lived silicone and elastic bands for an internal spring tensioning system to secure your stash...

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Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit

$79.99 from Mini Materials »

When your boss questions your productivity and asks for some more constructive contributions at the office...pull out a Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit and get to work....

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The Revival Tire Belt

$25 - $30 from Revival Outlet »

Tires. You know them from the road where they help you tear it up. And the gym where they help you beef it up. Now Revival Outlet would like you to meet tires for your pants. Tires that will help you hold it up. Made...

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HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key

$12 from TIHK »

From TIHK: At this exact moment, literally anyone can hop onto Amazon and purchase a pair of working police-issue handcuffs, no pre-screening or background check necessary. Fortunately, a few clicks of your own can put...

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xHamster fifi - Sex Toy For Men (NSFW)

$29.95 from fifi »

Have you met fifi? Rubbed elbows one off with the discreet, no-mess male masturbator yet? If not, here's your chance to slip in on the action with fifi's new xHamster edition....

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Ace Marks Handcrafted Italian Dress Shoes

$190 - $320 from Ace Marks »

When you have an ace in the hole with footwear handmade by Italian craftsmen who also create shoes for luxury brands, and an X marking the spot that most men can afford to pay to deck out their feet, you get Ace Marks....

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AutoBot Car Air Vent Smartphone Holder

$11.99 from MeetIDEA »

Snazz up and deck out your car with the AutoBot, a smartphone holder that latches into your air vent, and expands / contracts to grip any iPhone or Android up to 7". Like this....

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Flaviar - A Whiskey Club for Explorers at Heart

$60 from Flaviar »

Flaviar + Effortless Gift Idea = The WhiskGiftey You've Been Looking For. For those who enjoy a fine pour, gifting a Flaviar Whiskey Club membership could earn you major points from your father-in-law, a major nod of...

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SmoothTech|Pro Male Hair Removal System

$39.99 - $79.99 from SmoothTech|Pro »

Would you rather show up to the first day of summer with labradoodle chest, or get caught using your girlfriend's kiwi-vanilla-scented wax strips? SmoothTech|Pro votes neither. Would you rather spend a couple days every...

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GARY Earphone & Cable Organizer

$8.60 - $11 from GARY »

GARY prevents your earphones and cables from twisting, tangling, knotting, crimping, and spiraling into entropy. Yes, GARY is an organizer of wires. But according to its creators, it isn't just your average organizer...

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Divided By Zero Watches

$85 - $125 from DBZ Timepieces »

The power of science has helped to create a lot of natural and artificial wonders. But have you ever heard of scientific design before? For its Divided By Zero Alpha and Beta series watches, DBZ brought in mathematicians...

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TASER Pulse Legal Civilian Stun Gun

$399.99 from TASER Self-Defense »

Half a pound to carry. Fifteen feet to shoot. Thirty seconds to get the H-E-Double-Barrel out of there. The TASER Pulse is a stun gun for personal protection on the go (you too, runners) and at home. Terming it a "less-lethal...

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TUSHY Bidet Attachment

$69 - $94 from TUSHY »

TUSHY is the friend who has your back no matter what. The one who's there time and again, cleaning up your messes and washing off the remnants of a crappy day. The one who always makes you feel good. Even after you gorge...