Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife

Posted: September 30, 2020
Tekto Amber Automatic Knife
  • Tekto Amber Automatic Knife
  • Tekto Amber Automatic Knife

Talk about a woody. The Amber OTF automatic knife from Tekto Gear pairs a corrosion-resistant chrome steel blade with a deep red, marbled wood for a piece of EDC you may be more keen to show off on the outside of your pocket than to hide it within. The Amber's hip clip will be happy to oblige.

According to Tekto Gear the Amber's wood handle will "only get better with age," developing a unique patina over time. Its automatic out-the-front blade is 3.8" long and 0.06" thick. Total knife length is 8.9", and the knife weighs a solid 0.58 pounds. Adding to its versatility, the Amber comes with 2 business ends - opposite the blade is a built-in glass window breaker.

If Tekto Gear's dashing OTF blade has you flushing amber with desire, click here to purchase one of your own. Dude readers can also enjoy 15% off Amber automatic knife purchases with the discount code DUDE15.

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