Cookbooks for men include cookbooks for men who like to cook, and those for men who despise it. Cookbooks filled with recipes for giant, indulgent, borderline disgusting dishes, and cookbooks that reel it in and take more of a male health and clean eating angle. Most contain stories, anecdotes, and...

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Carry On Cocktail Kits

$139.99 from Amazon »

Something about getting on a plane makes me crave an overpriced cocktail. Particularly a Bloody Mary. I don't know if it starts with the ridiculous pre-line that forms to get into line to get on the plane at the gate...

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TAMO Charge-N-Glow MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

$18.99 from MOTA »

Does your iPhone, like Gloria Gaynor, love the nightlife? Does it got to boogie on the disco 'round? Oh. Yea. The maybe it would like one of TAMO's Charge-N-Glow MFi-certified lightning cables to match its funky, get-down...

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YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

$43 from Amazon »

YETI admits it: "The YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug is the...most over-engineered camp mug out there." At least as over-engineered as the beard of the dude drinking from one of the mugs in the image gallery above. OK, fine, YETI...

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GoVision HD Video Camera Sunglasses

$129.99 from GoVision »

When you conquer ski jumps and skeleton runs like a Winter Olympian GoVision's Pro S full HD video camera sunglasses will record the perspective footage to prove it, hands-free, and with a single touch...

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Zenergy Ball Chair

$118.91 - $157.35 from Amazon »

Who wants to pop a squat on a Minion? The Zenergy Ball Chair attempts to maintain the supposed posture, balance, and core strength benefits of sitting on an exercise ball, while adding wheels and a mesh slipcover that...

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Air Jordan 10 Retro Shoes

$190 from Nike »

The Air Jordan 10s or Xs (thanks Apple for creating a roman numeral awareness or lack thereof) were designed while MJ was away from the game, following his dream to become a baseball hitter and break the Mendoza line...

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Orvis Nordic Pocket Saw

$49 from Amazon »

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Orvis Nordic Pocket Saw were the name of the next film in the Saw movie series, for once I am happy to say that this saw is just another survival tool. Flexible and lightweight, Orvis'...

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Rapid Whale Mini Boat

$950 from Rapid Whale »

Here's a whale of a tale waiting to happen. Assemble Josh Tulberg's Rapid Whale Mini Boat kit, and the "It was a dark and stormy night"s will surely start pouring in. Imagine the adventures you'll have on the high seas...

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nuyu 75th Anniversary Wonder Woman Collection

$28 - $215 from nuyu »

nuyu launched its spirited clothing line as university-branded apparel designed specifically for the college woman. But when Wonder Woman hit her 75th birthday in 2017 they decided a collection celebrating the anniversary...

New homeowners, and especially first time homeowners, congratulations. It's been an exciting and terrifying journey through real estate agents, mortgage lenders, offers, escrow, and inspections, hasn't it? But now that you've closed and set a move-in date, the hard part's over, right? Well...

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Flagrant Beard HAVOC Neck Knife

$110.86 from Amazon »

I am not a weekend warrior. More a weekend coucher. But, if I were, this seems like the neck knife that I would want on my person. The Flagrant Beard HAVOC stems from an essential necessity of law enforcement and military...

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ORORO Soft Shell Heated Jacket

$154.99 from Amazon »

Of their soft shell heated jacket ORORO says, "This is not your grandma's heated blanket." Phew, that's a relief. Because my mama has already made me some pillows out of my grandma's old blankets, and while they're nice...

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Backstabber Occasional Chair

$2,100 from Haunt »

Backstabbers of the world, Haunt fantasy furniture made a Valentine's Day gift just for you! To those would would like to give a Backstabber Chair to their most deserving ex (lover, friend, family member - take your pick)...

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Leatherman Tread Tempo Multi-Tool Watch

$449.95 from Amazon »

The Leatherman Tread Tempo watch follows Leatherman's original wearable multi-tool, the Tread bracelet. So now you'll not only have all the implements you need to face unexpected onslaughts of DIY wrapped around your...

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Giveaway: Super Bowl Mystery Box

Super Bowl Mystery Box Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to Byron B. of Plano, TX, winner of the Super Bowl Mystery Box. Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check the Dude homepage or Dude Giveaways section for your...

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Cast Iron & Wood Kitchen Knife

Chifen Cheng's cast iron and wood kitchen knife has won multiple design awards from official contests and organizations, plus one enthusiastic and gentlemanly bow from me. I wish there were a video of the knife's walnut...

If all you've got is $25, I'll make giving your boyfriend the perfect gift for Valentine's day real easy for you: 6-pack of beer; 6-pack of street tacos; and you. Naked, obviously. Wrap it all up in a bow, lay it at his feet - or better, or across the kitchen counter - and let the romance begin...

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Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set

$275 from Amazon »

Spock-approved and primed for interplanar (and intergalactic!) play, this Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set was released to honor the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series. Maker Franklin Mint built their...

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ZipChip Mini Flying Disc

ZipChips help make spontaneous acts of recreation part of your EDC. Slip one of these mini flying discs in your pocket and, according to ZipChip, you'll be able to "Zip your Chip for long throws and fast paced action...

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The Boring Company Flamethrower

Sold Out from The Boring Company »

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has fired up its next gimmick fun and cheeky piece of merchandise for Hyperloop supporters. The forthcoming Boring Company Flamethrower follows their "The Boring Company" embroidered baseball...

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Porsche Design Bounce S4 Lux by Adidas

$538 from Amazon »

If you want to Bounce with Porsche Design's Adidas sneaker collaboration, you'll have to sacrifice kicking it with some of your favorite Benjamin Franklins. Every element of Porsche-inspired style and performance injected...

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Collective Carry Glowing Vials

Collective Carry's Glowing Vials look like little tubes of perfume spray you can use to cover yourself in a nice mist of bioluminescence. That smells like Great Bluedini Kool-Aid or Ecto Cooler Hi-C. Talk about a best...

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NOMAD Survival Multitool

$35 from Amazon »

I like NOMAD's addition of a firestarter to their Survival Multitool, but am a little disappointed it's just a foldout manual metal rod, and not the click 'n' flame wand lighter it looks like. That the whole tool looks...