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Infento Constructible Rides

$299 - $599 from Infento »

Want some quality time with your kid that doesn't involve a screen and a controller? Infento is a series of DIY kits and one tool (yep, just one) that allows parents and kids to build 11 or more different, real-life rides....

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F*ck Feelings

$11.48 from Amazon »

Don't worry, F*ck Feelings: One Shrink's Practical Advice for Managing All Life's Impossible Problems isn't a bait-and-switch. You know, one of those self-help books that claims it won't go all emo about how your mom...

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007 Motorized License Plate Masks

$79 - $199.95 from TryDeal »

When and where you use your 007s to play 007 is up to you, but, yes, the motorized license plate masks hide your vehicle's digits at the press of a button and, no, it's probably not a good idea to activate them every...

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Boo-Boos Gory Bandages

I'll see your kiss it and make it better and raise you a gasp, gag, and vomit up my corn dog and curly fries. Designer, inventor, and gore master Sherwood Forlee makes Boo-Boos, adhesive bandages that will help make your...

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Star Wars BB-8 3D Night Light

$45 from Amazon »

You already knew BB-8 could help co-pilot your T-70 X-wing fighter and stand against the First Order, but did you know this trusty droid can also make sure you don't step on a LEGO and twist an ankle in the middle of...

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Clean Bottle Square Water Bottle 2-Pack

$17.99 from »

The Square Water Bottle solves the problem of roly poly cylindrical bottles knocking around the floor of the car or taking off down the trail without you. It also still fits in most cup holders, thus avoiding the classic...

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Giveaway: Nixie Tube Clock

Who wants some Cold War technology to keep you on schedule and make sure you know when West Texas Investors Club is about to start? Click here and enter to win your choice of Nixie Tube Clock valued at $325 or less from...

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Flycraft Stealth

$2,995 from Flycraft »

The Fly. Craft. Stealth. A name suitable for a helicar. A personal spaceship. An...inflatable fishing raft. Flycraft's Stealth is an easy-to-transport, easy-to maneuver solo or dos-man fishing boat. Despite its collapsible...

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PRO-KNOT Outdoor Knots Booklet

$4.95 from Amazon »

I've learned to tie knots hundreds of times. Usually it's the same knot, the one they use to tie fenders on boats, which my friend Anthony shows me every time I go on his, and which I use once and then immediately forget...

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GO CUBES Chewable Coffee

$39 from Amazon »

GO CUBES are what happens when real-life Willy Wonkas get their hands on coffee beans. In this case, Willy is Nootrobox, a supplements company focused on nootropics, or drugs with cognitive enhancing properties. Smart...

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Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

$14.95 - $24.45 from Amazon »

MPOWERD doesn't just want to sell you an inflatable lantern, they want to light up the world. The company's award-winning Luci is the result of their attempts to bring simple, clean energy to people everywhere. And not...

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Star Wars Porch Light Covers

$5.99 from Amazon »

Take your porch light to the Dark Side with a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper cover. The heads fit over front door installations and then go all aglow when dusk hits and it's time to beckon friends, strangers, small children...

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In-Tension Table


B-Squared, Inc. hand fabricates every piece of furniture and functional art they design in a shop in Eureka Springs, AR. They use lumber upcycled from local shops and wine bottles emptied by boozing patrons at local restaurants....

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ThinOPTICS - Reading Glasses on Your Phone

$19.95 from Amazon »

The only thing worse than needing reading glasses is not having reading glasses when you need them. ThinOPTICS has designed a simple way to ensure your glasses are always on hand that doesn't consume a ton of space, weigh...

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Batband Earless Headphones

Batband is a headband that transmits sound through your skull bones. Think that sounds weird? And that the earless headphones look even weirder? Agreed, but...a few points:...

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EO1 Internet Artwork Display Computer

$346.72 from Amazon »

The problem with tattoos is that unless you're inked with an April Fool's joke, you can't change them so easy according to your tastes, moods, or significant other's demands. Artwork though, you can swap that stuff out...

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ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

$149.99 from Amazon »

This isn't the droid you're looking for. But it is a speaker that sort of looks like the droid you might be looking for. Set the ICE Orb on its magnetic platform and connect it to the right device and it will even light...

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NomadClip USB & Lightning Cable Carabiner

$29.95 from Amazon »

According to Nomad carabiners have "a thousand uses" and their NomadClip has "a thousand and one." Namely: faithfully serving your smartphone with its hidden Micro USB or Lightning cable....

Survival Cards: EDC Multi-Tools in a Thin Credit Card Size
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Thermo-ring Heated Ice Cream Scoop

$19.99 from Amazon »

Don't you consider breaking a sweat and popping a blood vessel in your arm part of the ice cream scooping experience? So that 35 minutes later, when you're finally able to sit down and eat your bowl of Moose Tracks, you...

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The League of Regrettable Superheroes

$17.41 from Amazon »

For every Batman there's a Doll Man. For every Spider-Man a Doctor Hormone. And for every Ant-Man, an...Ant-Man. The League of Regrettable Superheroes gives an encyclopedic look into the creation, realization, and complete...

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Flytrex Sky Cloud-Connected Delivery Drone

$549 from Amazon »

The Internet of Drones has arrived. It will bring you endless exploratory joy. It will bring you the freedom to travel boundary-free. It will bring you...a Coke....

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The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

$15.40 from Amazon »

How many actors have not only become icons for multiple roles they've played but also for playing the role of themselves, and also for simply being themselves? And how many have continued working, remained coveted and...

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Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

$129 from Amazon »

The Force Awakens...the gears in Sphero's capitalist brain. The company that brought us one of the first app-controlled animated toys (see Sphero OG and Sphero Ollie) has collaborated with the stirring Star Wars mania...

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Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle

$75.99 from »

Grab your complete Arduino Starter Kit and course bundle for 85% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives and you'll get all the parts and guidance you need to build your own circuits, make an RC car, and develop an...

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Geek-Art: An Anthology

$31.56 from Amazon »

They may not inspire and move every artist, but icons of the gaming, comic book, and cartoon worlds have touched enough of them in recent decades to create this 400+-page compilation of Geek-Art. The anthology consists...

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Star Wars Death Star Perplexus

$28.04 from Amazon »

Frustration, blurred vision, and neck cricks, now with a Star Wars theme! The spherical Mazes of Death that are Perplexus games have produced their own Death Star. If you thought it was tough for Luke and Han to take...

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DRIVE is a watch for a MAN. In fact, I'm not sure timepieces get more MAN than Gus Petrikas' design concept. I could see this watch at home on the wrist of anyone from James Bond to LeBron James, Hugh Jackman to Captain...

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Star Wars Bed

$3,999 from Pottery Barn Kids »

If you're a kid who gets this bed you're one of the lucky ones: your dad might actually love you as much as he loves Star Wars. While I'm not sure rabid fans of The Force think as highly of Pottery Barn Kids, for better...

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Giveaway: Mission Critical Baby Carrier & Daypack

Mission Critical makes its Baby Carriers and Carrier Daypacks with baby daddies in mind. More specifically: baby daddies who don't want to look like walking Candy Land boards just because they have a kid. Click here and...

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Texas Tool Crafters Leatherman Mods

$79.99 - $350 from Amazon »

Cars, bikes, and even PC cases, sure. We've seen a ton. But good on Texas Tool Crafters for jumping on pop culture's current obsession with multi-tools and launching a whole new industry of mods: Leathermans. Want a Skeletool...

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POD Tents

$600 - $1k from POD Tents »

OK, all you Camping Doughnut enthusiasts (and whiners and foot stampers lamenting that it's still only a concept), here's an almost-as-cool and exponentially-more-real alternative for you: POD Tents. If you've got the...

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Code Black Drone

The Code Black Drone is a limited edition in matte black that prides itself on stability during flight and being a skilled aerial acrobat. A Batmodrone, if you will. I will....

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13 x 13 x 13 Rubik's Cube

$233.55 from Amazon »

Now let me get this straight: I'm supposed to take on the brain pummeling and fist-smashing frustration that comes with attempting to solve this 13 x 13 x 13 Rubik's Cube, and pay three hundred dollars to do it? That's...

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Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

$77.90 from Amazon »

Air Hogs' Millennium Falcon Quad is recommended for ages 8 and up. Huh. I'm not sure if it makes me feel youthful or really uncomfortable that I'm sitting here right now coveting a toy made for an 8-year-old....

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Titan Loop MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

$19.95 from »

Virtually indestructible now comes in fun-size. The Titan Loop is a shorter version of the MFi-certified Titan. Both cables are double-wrapped in industrial-grade flexible steel, with USB and lightning ends permanently...

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Everbright Giant Lite-Brite

$14k - $25k from Hero Design »

Everbright is a hujungous Lite-Brite for hardworking adults that not too many hardworking adults can afford. But. Our companies might be able to spring for them. Intended as an office installation to promote creativity...

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HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

$40.10 from Amazon »

The HoodiePillow. Part sleep mask, part musical cocoon, part hostage hood, all cozy shroud of respite. Slip into one and block out the stresses of the day, plus the glowing cable box lights trying to infiltrate your good...

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Grain Audio Wood On-Ear Headphones

Grain Audio chose wood as the medium for its fine purveyors of audio bliss for 3 reasons: sound; sight; and touch. (To complete the 5 senses quintet, I went ahead and smelled and licked my Grain PWS Bluetooth speaker...

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The Jacks Crying Candles

$28 - $48 from The Jacks »

A few things about the Jacks. 1) They are candles niftily designed to cry at you. Like a mime or sad clown. Or 2) A sinister skull whose tears stem from his melting braaaaain. Or 3) A bunny. That looks a little like that...

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ESEE Junglas Dark Earth Knife

$192.31 from Amazon »

Phillip Blair's review tells you everything you need to know about the ESEE Junglas Dark Earth knife, except how to pronounce it: "This knife is so full of MURICAN TESTOSTERONE that my beard grew 2 inches just by opening...

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Werewolf Dog Muzzle

$31.99 from Amazon »

Oh boy, I don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween 2015 yet, but I sure know now how I'm going to dress up my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power's cat. Yeah, the Russians say this Werewolf Muzzle is for dogs...

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Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

$34.99 from Amazon »

Roll-uh-Bowl is your foldable, portable, indestructible bong on the go. A waterpipe for the adventurer, the backwoods trekker, the beach bum, the guy who drops, knocks, and sits on things a lot. Roll-uh-Bowl folds and...

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Crocobiner Multi-Tool Carabiner

$31 - $85 from Kickstarter »

Tsvet doesn't waste any time on an intro waxing poetic about his Crocobiner on the multi-tool's Kickstarter campaign page. Why would he? One look at the EDC crocodile and its list of functions tells me just about everything...

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5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On

Sold Out from Amazon »

What's your day looking like? Office or forest? Typing or pulling the trigger? 5.11 Tactical's Overwatch Carry On bag was designed to carry your suit. And when you don't need your suit, it will wrap up and secure your...

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Non-Stick Divided Grill/Fry/Oven Skillet

$50.99 from Amazon »

Master Pan asks a good question: why use 5 pans to make a great meal when you only need one? But a better question might be: why use any pans to make a great meal when the girlfriend you just moved in with has Chinese...

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EggMap Stress Ball Navigators

You might consider EggMaps superfluous in our age of nearly infallible GPS navigators and Google Maps that can walk you up and down every street in Budapest from your couch. But Hungarian design student Denes Sator still...

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Lytro Living Pictures 3D Camera

$79.99 from »

Shoot first, focus later. So goes the mantra to the Lytro Light Field Camera, the photography world's first "living pictures" point-and-shooter that records over 11 million light rays, and allows users to tweak both the...

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Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports & Fitness

$499.99 from Amazon »

All those fitness trackers with their fancy sensors and metrics? Their data storage, coaching, push notifications, and incoming text messages? Yeah, Recon's Jet has those. But they're not on your wrist. They're in your...