ONAK Foldable Canoe

Posted: August 02, 2016
$1,335 - $1,450
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I've now seen--in the spirit of Sesame Street's The Count--one! One origami boat! Two! Two packable personal water gliders! Three! Three foldable floaters! A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Following a lead set in 2012 with the Oru Kayak, and continued with this year's Pakayak, ONAK has developed a third portable paddler built for two with their ONAK canoe.

The ONAK arrives in a case on wheels, but in about 10 minutes, you'll be able to unfold it into a 37-pound canoe capable of carrying 500+ pounds of cargo through the rivers and lakes of your favorite day trip, or weeklong camping adventure. The origami-style ONAK is made of a honeycomb-Curv composite material that, according to its designers, "can handle quite a beating." The canoe is stiff and formed nearly in one piece, and the honeycomb air cells allow it to maintain buoyancy even when flooded with water.

Assembled the ONAK measures 183" long x 33-1/2" tall. Folded and mounted to its wheels, it rolls at 16" wide x 48" long x 10" deep. At printing, it had completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and was available for pre-order with or without paddles to anyone who did not get in as a crowdfunding backer.

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