Pakayak - Packable Kayak

Posted: May 25, 2016
Pakayak - Packable Kayak
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You won't be able to glide through the salty sea in a Pakayak this summer, but you should at least be able to pledge your loyalty to what the company is calling the world's first nesting kayak. The Pakayak's Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch in June 2016, so if you're in the market for a performance paddling craft you can stick in your truck...or take on a jog on your back...get your wallet ready to show its support.

Despite its Russian doll appearance, Pakayak construction differs little from that of the most respected kayaks available today. The segmented boats are made of kayak-specific plastic resin and interlock with a 275-pound capacity strength and watertight construction. The resilient design follows one that has already shown success in the SCUBA industry--it also makes underwater dive cameras and dive lights possible. Pakayak sections maintain their seal with a 4-point clamping technology that also creates bulkheads at the connection points. The company says these bulkheads actually increase the overall strength of the boat because they are stronger than the hull itself.

Pakayaks should take no more than 5 minutes to assemble, and during use they should feel and paddle just like a traditional kayak. Nested dimensions are 42" long x 24" wide x 16" high. Assembled dimensions are 168" long x 24" wide x 16" high. The cockpit measures 18" x 24". Weight is 55 pounds.

Pakayak anticipates a retail price of around $1,695.

August 2019 Update: Pakayaks are on the loose and, at printing, were listed at $1,795.

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