Grillain Villain Aprons

By: on April 16, 2013
Grillain Villain Aprons
$40 - $150
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According to the Protestant ethic, grillin' like a villain is better than chillin' like a villain because even though both involve nefarious characters that disobey the law and wreak havoc, grillin' villains work long and hard to turn out delicious BBQ for the world, while chillin' villains do nothing but laze around strumming the fingers of their idle hands. And you know what idle hands are, don't you? The Devil's workshop. Anyway, if being a grillin' villain means I get one of Haute Mess' sweet Grillain Villain aprons, I'd rather pour a little elbow grease into the Weber than lie on the couch watching Alias the complete series from start to finish anyway.

All evil likeness designs are custom and aprons handmade from 100% cotton material. Halter fits have straps at the top with adjustable D rings and all aprons tie in back at the waist. Evildoer selections include: