Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar & Hookah

Posted: April 05, 2013
Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar & Hookah
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Needle-felted Absolem, blue, hookah-sucking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, you look a little too real for me. If I got high I would definitely try to converse with and befriend you. I might do that even if I weren't high. Look at your facial details! Are you sure you're made out of Alpaca fiber and not a Frankenstein combination of geometrid, human, and blue dragon mollusk parts? More importantly, what's in that hookah, and can I have a puff?

Etsy vendor Stevi T hand-wove and custom dyed the Alice caterpillar into this one-of-a-kind not-toy, measuring 6" tall x 6" long. His included hookah has metallic trim and a brass top. He's pretty chill unless you lace his shisha with cocaine, in which case you best prepare for your living room to be overtaken by a gargantuan electric blue cocoon.

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