Velda Floating Pond Bubble

Posted: August 06, 2019
Velda Floating Pond Bubble
Check It Out

The Velda Floating Pond Bubble moves the PetPeek dog window from your fence to your fish pond. The 28" ball floats filled on the water's surface, giving typical subsurface dwellers, such as koi and goldfish, the chance to check out what's going on outside their natural habitat. And fish-lovin' you the chance to check them out without a hook, net, or spear.

In addition to gawking, the Floating Pond Bubble allows pond keepers to monitor fish health on the day-to-day. You'll need to acclimate the fish to the 2-way viewing window; Velda suggests using it as a feeding tool to attract them at first and, over time, they'll make trips to the Pond Bubble part of their natural routine.

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