Pet Peek Dog Window

Posted: December 03, 2011
Pet Peek Dog Window
  • Pet Peek Dog Window
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The Pet Peek is a 9-1/2" acrylic dome installed in your pre-existing wood or vinyl fence that instills the pant-wetting fear in Jehovah's Witnesses, kids selling little league raffle tickets, and other unwanted visitors that your "Beware of Dog" sign just can't muster. Also, if you find yourself wishing you had bought a pug, Shih Tzu, or English bulldog instead of a golden retriever, check this out before wasting thousands of dollars on canine rhinoplasty. At first sight of the mailman, dogs with typical dog IQs of -7 will tear into the transparent bubble as if it were their stargate to the world of ball-sicking freedom, and smash their olfactory receptors down to a size more acceptable amongst today's designer breeds. If, however, you have a calm, benevolent old yellow lab who you love just the way he is, allowing him this unsupervised access to the outside world will probably make him fearful and neurotic from punk kids pounding on his bubble and taunting him with their ham and cheese sandwiches. PetPeek's manufacturer promises the window is of sound strength, will arrive with all necessary installation hardware, and is an easy DIY project. The latter is, of course, complete bullshit, as there is no way anything that requires carving a perfectly-sized, spherical hole in your fence on the first try is going to be anything but a nightmare, but it's a nice lie to be able to pass along to the poor SOB and SOB's best friend you curse with this gift.

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