The Dutch Tub

By: on May 01, 2012
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According to manufacturer Weltevree, using the Dutch Tub is like "slipping inside a teacup." I'm not sure submersing myself in a vat of English Breakfast has ever been at the forefront of my fantasies, but, hey, these wood-fired Alice in Wonderland-looking basins o' fun may mark a turning point in my cognitive meanderings. One Lucid Dreaming Mask + one hand-enameled glass-fiber polyester hot tub = hours of REM bliss.

The award-winning Dutch Tub, a creative progeny of designer Floris Schoonderbeek, can pop on top of your ride's roof, creating an aesthetic of total pimpage, and allowing for hassle-free transport to any secluded (or conspicuously populated, for the attention-whoring soakers out there) spot. Setup and function are just as easy. A fire basket houses the spiral heating elements, which also have a turbo connection to heat the tub's water quickly when fed with firewood. Circulation within the bath occurs naturally for a peaceful and rejuvenative experience with nature, and whomever you select from the long line of tub junkies eager to hop in with you.

Dutch Tubs weigh 165 pounds--about the same as the average American 9-year-old--and measure 102" x 67" x 33". All come with a fiberglass cover. Colors include the signature Dutch Tub Orange, Ocean Green, Light Blue, Pigeon Blue, Reed Green, and Dark Grey. Additional shapes and fancier pants models are also available on the Weltevree Website listed below.

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The Horizontal Shower

In paradise, you take a Horizontal Shower. You lie on a smooth, warm slab of tile as 6 falls of water cascade like mermaid kisses onto your tired and thirsty skin. You choose their intensity and temperature, their pattern...

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Inflatable Floating Bathtub

$99 from Amazon »

Bathtime anytime! This portable inflatable bathtub fills up for sudsing up in front of the TV, outside the RV, even on the lake. Because, yes, it also floats. And with a zip-up top cover to keep the water warm, built-in...

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Stone Forest Natural Bathtub

Stone Forest calls their bathtub "Natural" for its raw design, a rugged just-rolled-down-the-mountain aesthetic, rather than the precision-cut and polished-to-cold-industrial-modernity one we might expect from this type...

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HotTug - Hot Tub Tug Boat

$14,900 from Hot Tug »

Why thank you, Dutch peoples. I think I would like a wood-fired hot tub in which I can sail, and a tugboat in which I can enjoy warm baths. HotTug is a wood-hulled boat fitted with fiberglass reinforced polyester and...

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i-sopod Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

I used to have a membership to a sensory deprivation tank club (because I am both fancy and bored). What happens is you go into a private room, get naked, and then climb in these completely enclosed, completely pitch...

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SOAK Wood-Fired Hot Tub

$3,875 from Ox + Monkey »

"SOAK" is Japanadian for "total body restoration." The BC-based design and fabrication firm Ox + Monkey designed...and fabricated their hot tub after the Japanese Ofuro, a deep soaking tub traditionally made of aromatic...

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ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub

$2,999 - $3,890 from Amazon »

Not only does ALFI's Fire Hot Tub look like a slice of a cartoon spaceship, but its "engine" is a wood-burning fire pit. No electricity, generators, plugs, or drain connections required....

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Hammock Bathtub

Usually when people describe themselves they inflate the truth or do that reverse psychology trick where they say a bunch of self-deprecating things in an effort to convey the opposite meaning. In both cases they would...

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AquaDance Drencher Showerhead

Sold Out from Amazon »

No, I am not showing you the AquaDance Drencher 3-setting 8" curved rainfall showerhead with waterfall mode just because it looks like a vagina....

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Lay-Z-Spa Miami 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

$349.06 from Amazon »

It's winter, it's dark, football's almost over, I think it's time for a hot tub. To soak away my sorrows and boredom. And maybe deliver a little muscle therapy to that bit of my back I tweaked trying to grab my razor...

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Wooden Boat Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub, I want a wooden boat bathtub. Even more than I want a Hot Tub Tug Boat. Because while the latter may be slightly cooler and more likely to help me win friends and influence people, Unique Wood Design's...

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Marine Mine Furniture

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin has been creating art for over 25 years, but his marine mine furniture and decor are perhaps his most breathtaking work to date, and indeed some of the most unique pieces you'll ever take...