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Posted: April 16, 2012
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The philosophy and science behind the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask makes the most sense to the highly intelligent, the highly self-actualized, and the highly high. For the rest of us, watching the accompanying video is probably our best shot at understanding of this mask of 6 pulsating lights that enable wearers to go lucid, choosing their own REM sleep adventures, and puppet mastering their dreams.

Lucid dreaming is the product of an unbridled imagination mixed with uninterrupted focus and unconditional relaxation. Once this state is reached--and getting there is a hurdle some may not be able to sail right over FloJo style--the Lucid Dreaming Mask's soft patterns of red LEDs act as an external booster of sorts, maintaining and enhancing the mind's sweet spot so we can A) dictate who and what appears in our dreams and B) don't keep waking up right when we get to the good part. Which is to say Remee will assist in our efforts to get past first base with Kristen Bell and Emma Stone. Possibly concurrently....

Using Remee to act out fantasies or go for psyche-driven joyrides probably constitutes its widest appeal, but a sustained state of lucid dreaming can also clear a path towards self improvement. Creators Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Labs ponder the power of having a roundtable discussion with one's ego and id. Or "talking" thyself through a fear of public speaking. How about a self-guided tour through the land of Stop Smoking? Or the land of Stop Eating Cool Ranch Doritos and Moose Tracks Ice Cream at 2 a.m.? Think of Remee like a hypnotist--it's not the answer or the cure or the generator, but the conduit that helps users access the solutions, fulfillment, and peace already present inside themselves.

Physiologically, Remee "works" by targeting the long chunks of REM sleep people experience 4 to 5 hours into their snooze. At that point the display of red LED light patterns begins for 15 to 20 seconds, with 15-minute delays in between. These light shows bleed into dreams and help draw sleepers into a pleasant pool of lucidity, where the true, player's choice fun begins. The Remee mask also has a nap mode for days when you just want to take a quick trip to the park with the Old English Sheepdog who died when you were 14, or to eat a piece of the turtle cheesecake someone brought to work without really eating a piece of the turtle cheesecake someone brought to work.

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