TerraMec Robotic Mini Bulldozer

By: on January 15, 2015

Anyone need a 30hp bulldozer with a 6' snow plow, 48" dirt/sand/loam plow, mowing deck, rototiller, york rake, and loader/dumper bucket that you can throw in the back of your truck? If you're still reading...because you haven't run to the bathroom on account of wetting your pants yet...I'll make the deal even sweeter: you can operate it by remote control from your deck. Or out the window of the bathroom as you clean yourself up and change pants. Howe and Howe Technologies has created the TerraMec 1, and what they deem the world's first robotic mini track bulldozer.

Use the TM1 for farming, commercial landscaping, heavy yard work, digging out of the house after a blizzard, and RC-ing up and down the street to show off. In addition to looking badass and requiring 0% manual labor from its operator, the dozer's Mec status is intended to give drivers a better vantage point and increased accuracy during use. It will also save them the bone-jostling, spine-jarring, brain-sloshing impact of a conventional mini tracked loader.

TerraMec 1 accessories are suitable for anything from hauling rocks to winching trees and then dragging them where you want them to fall after chopping. Behold the TM1 video to see the truth in Howe and Howe's words. And if you want to get really giddy, check out the rest of the Maine-based shop's website. Brothers Geoff and Michael Howe have created some truly sick vehicles for the military, civil services, and even Hollywood. Some career highlights: at 31, they are the youngest duo ever to receive a US Military contract, for which they helped develop a weaponized Ripsaw capable of both manned and unmanned operation. In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named their Badger creation the World's Smallest Armored Vehicle. My personal favorite, though, is the dudes' Ripchair, a motherfucking offroad wheelchair.

If you're interested in the TerraMec 1, contact Howe and Howe to inquire about pricing and fabrication lead time. Should you not like the numbers you hear in response to your inquiry, well...it looks like the WORX AeroCart is making some more affordable strides towards mini, albeit manpowered, bulldozer-dom. Check out its snow plow attachment here.

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Mk. III MegaBot - Piloted Battle Mech

MegaBots says the duel is coming this month. August 2017. The Kuratas, a rideable battle mech from Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan vs. the Mk. III MegaBot, the United States' contribution to the world of giant robots...

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Tertill Solar-Powered Weeding Robot

It's a weeding robot, not a weed robot, but the Tertill gets just as many props for helping out with the most tedious of yard work as it would for...what would a weed robot do, anyway? Roll joints and pack bowls? Turn...

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Beach House Garden Shed

$4,352 from Amazon »

See, if my mama had installed a shed that looked like a beach house in my back yard when I was a kid, maybe I would have been more amenable to going inside it, and bringing out the tools and equipment she wanted me to...

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Oscillot Cat Containment System

On first viewing of the Oscillot video you might think installing one of the spinning paddle perimeters along the top of your fence is like building a prison for your cat. Condemning him to being that inmate who gets...

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Kobi Autonomous Yard Work Robot

$3,999 from Kobi »

Kobi eats snow for breakfast! Kobi mows lawns with the stamina of a gamer sitting down to Gears of War 4 for the first time. Kobi sucks up leaves and spits them out like a piece of sushi that looks delicious on the plate...

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WORX Electric Leaf Mulcher

$111.53 from Amazon »

When the leaves start to fall the WORX begins. WORX's Electric Leaf Mulcher aims to remove some of the pain from the giant pain in the ass of fall and winter yard cleanup....

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Hydro-Ball Wind Spinner

$129.95 from Wind & Weather »

The Hydro-Ball Wind Spinner isn't just a fetching piece of kinetic yard art, it's a Daddy's Little Helper that waters the grass or flower beds so you don't have to....

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Grass Printer

Designers Prof. Doh Han Young, Jeong Koo Hee, and Kim Min Hong recently won a Red Dot Award for their Grass Printer. As you might have guessed, the Grass Printer is a device that prints stuff in grass*. It literally mows...

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Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

$699 - $2,499 from Amazon »

Robomow. Just another example of robots taking human jobs. Husbands and sons of the world, I hear your protests. I feel your outrage. I...wait. Actually, I don't hear or feel anything from the husbands and sons of the...

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Naiad Lawn Watering Robot

Blake Johnson developed the Naiad Lawn Watering Robot concept in 2009, when he was an industrial design student asked to "Identify a problem in yard care and design a product to solve the problem." In his research Johnson...

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Safe Eyes Mesh No-Fog Safety Goggles

$28.99 from Amazon »

The dust is kicked up from here to next Tuesday! The fit's hitting the shan! Save yourself from unidentified flying objects! Safe Eyes Mesh Safety Goggles won't help when the figurative dust and fit, or alien-inhabited...

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Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

$42.99 - $49.99 from Amazon »

Draw the curtain of privacy over your fenced-in yard with an expandable screen of faux ivy. I'm not sure I believe it creates a "naturally looking" hedge on fences and walls, but the stuff doesn't look hideous in the...