Outdoor Patio Arch Swing

By: on April 28, 2014
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As we all know, my mama occasionally gets mad at me for being...what does she call it? A complete shithead, maybe?...at which times I have to move out of her house and go live in her back yard. This is of course very annoying because it means I must furnish and decorate the equivalent of 2 bedrooms. However, I might be slightly less annoyed if I could stock my backyard bedroom with one of these sweet outdoor arch swings. Boy does that look like the chocolate malted bacon sundae of patio furniture. If I had one, I'd throw a sheet of mosquito netting over the top and spend my entire summer rocking in the breeze.

The swing has a sturdy wood base covered in a canvas hammock as big as a double bed. Its arched overhead structure also has a canvas canopy to shield me from the sun and the leering eyes of the cougar neighbor lady who keeps offering to give me tango lessons and telling me to ask her what kind of tango she means. I don't want to know what kind of tango she means. I also don't want her to know the arch swing has a 2- to 3-person capacity.

Not into, or don't have the budget for, horizontal swinging? Stay upright and save a few bucks with the Vivere Dream Chair.

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The Waterfall Swing

A couple pushes on the Waterfall Swing and you'll be...swiiiing-in' in the rain, just swing-in' in the rain. What a glorious feeling.... This impressive piece of interactive art consists of a steel framed swing set housing...

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Swinging Monkey Giant Mat Platform Swing

$118 from Amazon »

All you little monkeys who thought summer was already in full swing, here's a giant mat platform to get it swinging even higher. The 30" x 40" 600D Oxford fabric cover stretches over a steel frame sturdy enough to push...

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Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

$45.17 from Amazon »

I like it. Intex hasn't just made their daybed an indoor / outdoor lounger, they've made it a dry land / chillin' on the water piece of inflatable relaxation too. The big ol' disc can fit 2 comfortably and more than 2...

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Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

$42.99 - $49.99 from Amazon »

Draw the curtain of privacy over your fenced-in yard with an expandable screen of faux ivy. I'm not sure I believe it creates a "naturally looking" hedge on fences and walls, but the stuff doesn't look hideous in the...

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HOVR Seated Walker

$89 - $189 from HOVR »

If you're sitting there reading about this HOVR contraption right now, know what you're doing? Restricting blood circulation. Contributing to the obesity epidemic. Sucking your productivity and concentration dry. Basically...

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Kodama Zomes Hanging Beds

It's no Bird's Nest Bed, but I would 100% take a Kodama Zome over a Lotus Belle Tent on account of the fact that it is 100 times less likely to make someone say my least favorite word of the decade: "glamping." The geodesic...

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Bel Aire Outdoor Fireplace

$1,183.70 from Amazon »

Add some crackle to your back yard with Sunjoy's Bel Aire Outdoor Fireplace. The freestanding unit is modeled after an indoor fireplace, with a mantle and chimney to add ambience to patio parties and lounge sessions...

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Suncast Wood & Resin Deck Box

$143.88 from Amazon »

As if the end of summer isn't depressing enough, now I have to figure out where to store all of my patio furniture cushions and floating pool bars for the winter. Since everyone thinks I'm the master of looking up crap...

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Rustic Patio Bar & Cooler

$855 from Amazon »

Two coolers, folding prep surface, wine rack and drawer storage, rustic wood design--this patio bar gets my gold star of approval. Which it obviously already knows, given that it's gone ahead and affixed one to itself...

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Outdoor Hanging Sky Swing Chair

$304.80 from Amazon »

Can you tell I'm an avid swinger? First I dreamt of this rustic porch swing bed, and then the outdoor patio arch swing, and now, for those who prefer to sway in the summer's breeze seated upright, I present Outsunny's...

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Flying Saucer Rocking Chair

This is a UFO. An Unidentified Furniture Object that Italian design firm It One Off created in a nod to little green men, living room acrobatics, and a nifty construction technique called "one ground point" they say the...

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Rustic Porch Swing Bed

$1,199 - $1,699 from Etsy »

Even if I weren't the Laziest Man Alive I could get down with a king-size mattress hoisted atop a solid wood porch swing bed. Swaying supine in the June breeze, dozing and drooling, sipping 7 & 7 Big Gulps...ahhh, it's...