Vivere Dream Chair

Posted: July 29, 2013
Vivere Dream Chair
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I don't usually swing, but when I do, I swing in a Vivere Dream Chair. Partly because it rocks my soul to a state of unwavering peace, and partly because whenever I try to get into one of those adulterous little circles, they always reject me due to my inability to produce a complementary willing female participant. Or something. I think they're all just a bunch of closed-minded, elitist hippies.

But returning to backyard lounging, Vivere's foam-filled Dream Chair dangles from a heavy duty, powder-coated steel base. Above it sits a 46" umbrella for shade, and hopefully enough privacy that users can call upon the cozy Mecca of comfort to do, like...private things...privately. These days, though, what is privacy? Between the government and neighbors with HD digital recording binoculars the chances of anything you do not showing up on YouTube or your grandma's Facebook feed a few days later are only about 1:8.

Overall Dream Chair dimensions, including base and canopy, are 81" x 41" x 81". The chair itself measures 68" x 30" x 48".

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