Wear-N-Write Wearable Dry Erase Board

By: on February 25, 2016
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May I present to you the latest breakthrough in wearable technology: the Wear-N-Write Dry Erase Board! No Bluetooth, no app, and no recharging required for use!

At first glance, I thought the Wear-N-Write looked clunky, obtrusive, and completely unnecessary. And maybe it is the first two of those things. But when you consider dudes working their garages or shops, contractors, nurses and EMTs, and elderly people prone to forgetting to-dos, a compact, wearable dry erase board isn't the worst Eureka! someone's ever had.

At least no worse than dust mop slippers.

Or a solid silver anus.

The Wear-N-Write is a 3.25" wide x 2.25" tall white board threaded through an adjustable band that Velcroes to an arm, strap, or other post where you'd like a dry-erase note keeper or reminder. It also includes a mini, medium-point black dry-erase marker with a built-in eraser on its cap. Total weight is 2.4 ounces.

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Bar Bones Skull Drink Markers

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Enough with the drink charms shaped like hearts and kitty cats. I need a sinister skull to mind my glass of rose bubbles. Uh, I mean, whiskey. Neat....

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The Original Egg-Bot - CNC Art Robot Kit

$199.95 from Amazon »

Get an Egg-Bot in time for Easter and dazzle family and friends with your precision-Sharpied eggs covered in ornate patterns, adorable chick and bunny faces, and the ultimate in egg hunters' prizes: a hard-boiled baby...

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Pointie Tactical Marker

$20 - $25 from indiegogo »

The Pointie. A "tactical marker" in name, but we both know what that's a euphemism for: stabbing things. Like glass during rescues. Warthogs during attacks. And whiteboards. Insolent, misbehavin' whiteboards....

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Personalized Custom Coloring Books

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If you're crafty, you can probably make a personalized custom coloring book of your wedding, your trip to Italy, or your best Instagrammed food photos all by yourself with a few flicks of some Photoshop filters and some...

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Dry Erase Whiteboard Wall Paint

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From coloring book-style wallpaper to this blood bath, we've seen a lot of ways to spruce up your walls with a personal touch. This bottle of Dry Erase Paint offers yet another outlet for creativity, but this time with...

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Wipebook - Whiteboard Notebook

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Wipebook poses the question, "You know how creative people use whiteboards to generate cool amazing ideas?" And I ask the question, "You know how creative people with cool amazing ideas who can't draw, or even really...

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Game of Thrones Clue

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Remember that one time ThinkGeek released a Game of Thrones edition Clue? It had 69,120 possible suspect / location / weapon combinations* spread over 48 suspects, 30 locations, and 48 weapons! That was awesome! But then...

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Swear Word Adult Coloring Book (NSFW)

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Adult coloring books are getting to be nearly as popular as Xanax for promoting relaxation and managing stress. Pair filling in the intricate line drawings with a few puffs of your favorite herbal refreshment, and you...

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Dry Erase Board Wall Paint

$99 - $980 from Smart Wall Paint »

Smart Wall Paint is the dry erase board version of Chalkboard Wall Paint. Brush it on any smooth surface and one coat later you'll have a functional whiteboard for office, school, or home use....

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9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins

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They pulled the trigger so you can push the pin. This set of 8 Bullet Casing Push Pins come to you and your cork board from real, once-fired, American-made 9mm bullets. Seller Lucky Shot promises the conversion of the...

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Chalkboard Wall Paint

$9.67 from Amazon »

Now that the kiddos are back in school, wouldn't it be fun one day when they come home to surprise them with wall-to-wall chalkboards in their bedrooms? Chalkboards you have covered in times tables, Spanish verb conjugations...

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AIR-INK: Ink Made from Air Pollution

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Think of AIR-INK as clean dirt. A series of markers and a vial of screen printing ink, the artist's tools are made from captured and purified air pollution particulate matter. In more visual terms, AIR-INK creators Graviky...