Wagner Smart Power Roller System

Posted: July 12, 2014
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The Wagner Smart Power Roller System makes the incredibly sucky job of painting walls slightly less sucky. Insert your 1- or 5-gallon can into the Wagner base and then choose the speed (1 to 9) at which you'd like the electric paint pusher to feed a constant supply of color through its connected tube, into your handheld roller. You still probably won't be able to lift your arms for 3 days after the job's done, but at least this Smart system will eliminate the tedious back-and-forths to the pain(t) tray.

Wagner recommends use of its Smart Power Roller system for large painting projects, such as family and dining rooms, hallways, and ceilings. The package includes: 2 x internally fed 9" rollers, one for painting smooth and the other for painting rough surfaces; an 18" Reach Plus extension handle; and a 3" Smart Edge Roller for tapeless edging.

The Wagner Smart Power Roller System is a top Dude House Warming Gift pick.

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