Vacuum Cleaner Mini Attachment Kit

Posted: March 08, 2017
Vacuum Cleaner Mini Attachment Kit
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Think of a mini attachment kit for your existing vacuum as a more dynamic, more effective, and way, way more adorable way to clean out the crevices of your computer keyboard, electronics, and car consoles than compressed air. Fitted via an adapter attachment onto your existing vacuum, the tubes and brushes don't just blow dust and dirt out--and all over the surrounding surfaces--they suck them right up into your cleaner's holding canister. You know, so you can dump them all over surrounding surfaces yourself when you go to empty it.

The 8-piece kit includes adapter and connection pieces, an extension hose and a couple of extension tubes, a pair of cleaning brushes, and an angled cleaning wand. The attachments are compatible with most vacuums, with this listing for the kit providing a giant wall of text citing specific vacuum cleaner models in its product description.

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