Super Combo Scissors

By: on July 16, 2014
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Vampire Professional Tools, first of Vampliers screw pliers and now of the Super Combo Scissors, should have hired the same person to name the latter who they did to coin the former. Or they should have hired me. I would have told them to call these wire-, leather-, paper-, fabric-, rope-, CD-, thin-film- cab-tire-cable-, and branch-cutters Vampire Inscissors. You know, like incisors. Like as sharp and capable of cutting through anything as a vampire's incisors.

In the future I recommend Vampire Professional Tools--no, all people on earth--keep in mind that if they're looking for a stroke of genius, they should fill a briefcase with many thousands of dollars and then arrange a meeting with me.

The VPT assembly line whittles carbon steel from Kobe Steel of Japan into pairs of fictional-predator-sharp blades with micro serrations that can cut through just about any household item requiring separation, extraction, or bifurcation. 4-in-1 Super Combo Scissors have a finger pinch guard to preclude accidental smashing between their heavy-duty handles, plus a specially designed S-shape to transmit gripping power efficiently from handle to shears. As the photos reflect, the scissors also have a super combo of grip options.

Additionally, one outer edge of the scissors' blades serves as a box cutter. Since the Super Combo Scissors can easily cut through copper and steel wire, Vampire Professional Tools also recommends them for light industrial use.

Super Combo Scissors are a top Dude Gift for Dad pick.

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WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

$44.40 from Amazon »

"ZipSnip" sounds a little meek for what WORX's beast of a cutting tool says it can do. The motorized blade with precision handling steps in where you'd normally use scissors or a box blade, but operates like a mini circular...

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Nimble Finger Blade

$9.95 from Amazon »

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack run your finger blade through that gift wrap like a laser cutter through a sheet of acrylic. The Nimble Safety Cutter slips over a finger - any one of them, you pick - and allows you...

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Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

$49.95 from Amazon »

Kinkajou. The word sounds like it applies to a precocious, yet cuddly, mammalian sidekick that sits on your shoulder and surreptitiously swipes peoples' two-bite brownies and tubes of lip gloss during walks through the...

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Ka-Bar Snody Crisis Card

$38.30 from Amazon »

The Snody Crisis Card is punched and jagged for a strong grip and maximal impact when you need to defend yourself. And it's finished in a rich anodized blue with gold edge accents for a slick look and flash of intimidation...

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Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter

$3,999 - $4,499 from Wazer »

Wazer, the self-described first ever desktop waterjet cutter, has a few things going for it. First, if your friend Cornelius has ever sprayed you in the face with a pressure washer, you know how strong a jet of water...

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Nimuno Loops LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape

$11 - $50 from indiegogo »

LEGO my Eggo. Really. Stick a strip of Nimuno Loops LEGO-compatible adhesive tape on your frozen waffle box, or maybe the plate you're serving them on, and go to LEGO town building a fortress none shall pass as you eat...

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Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife

$24.62 - $29.85 from Amazon »

I'll pass on a knifed neck, but a neck knife? That I will take under consideration. The Morakniv Eldris is a 2.2" 12c27 stainless steel fixed blade, won a "2016 Scandinavian outdoor award" for its functionality, quality...

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Right Shears Scissors

$19.99 from Amazon »

Current approach not cutting it? Maybe it's time to take a different angle. A right angle. A Right Shears angle....

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Nitinol Shape Memory Paper Clip

$14.08 from Grand Illusions »

Nitinol. It's kind of like Rain Main. Has an infallible memory and a habitual state to which it always returns precisely and without fail, but...it doesn't deal with deviations from what it knows very well. Also, it is...

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Oda Nobunaga Samurai Scissors

Don't bring scissors to a sword fight. Unless! Unless those scissors are katana-bladed samurai scissors! This pair of Oda Nobunaga Scissors by Nikken Cutlery have been designed in the likeness of powerful Japanese warlord...

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The Single Handed Barber

It's cuttin' it close, but order now and your Single Handed Barber, a DIY electric hair trimmer for short cuts, may arrive just in time for Father's Day. Cuttin' it close. Ha! Hahaha! Pun. Intended. Puns and I share the...

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Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs

$16.68 from Amazon »

The Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs may not be as dreamy as Justin, but they'll still win you over with their helpfulness in the kitchen, and ability to get along with all different types of fruits and vegetables....