Strong Like Bull Magnets

By: on March 28, 2013

My friend DeAndre ran with the bulls in Pamplona once, and he assures me that the expression "strong like bull" is no, well, no bullshit. People get impaled and tossed and stampeded and DeAndre saw one guy take a horn to the achilles and then the bull jerked its head and tore his leg open all the way to the hamstring. I mean, I guess if you're going to get the entire back of your leg carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, it's a pretty good war story to be able to say that it came by way of a wild toro's calcified cranial protrusion, but I got hit in the face with an icy snowball last January and it drew a trickle of blood alongside my left eye and almost left a scar and I really can't imagine a worse injury than that, so ancient tradition and experience of a lifetime or not, I say no thank you to this Spanish bull running malarkey.

But we're here to talk about Strong Like Bull Magnets, tiny Neodymium cylinders that exhibit the staunch and might of the great beasts without trying to maim or kill their users. On the contrary, Strong Like Bull Magnets endeavor only to make our lives better. Creator Brian Conti couples N52 grade Neodymium Iron Boron discs with engineered steel cups, the latter of which concentrate the magnetic flux to further increase the discs' pull strength. Cups also shield the magnetic force from all but the Bulls' mounting surfaces to make them safer to handle than unshielded magnets. Completing the design, magnet/cup assemblies screw to a custom CNC machined aluminum housing (partly anodized for durability and color options) fitted with a rubber ring for additional grip.

The result: Thumb-sized magnetic behemoths that have a direct contact pull strength of over 25 pounds.

Strong Like Bull Magnets recently completed a greatly successful Kickstarter campaign, and will be available for public purchase through the more traditional enterprising American capitalist's online medium beginning in April 2013.

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