Saberlight Flex - Flexible Neck Plasma Beam Lighter

Posted: November 03, 2018
Saberlight Flex - Flexible Neck Plasma Beam Lighter
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Saberlight has an expanded line of the plasm beam, or Tesla coil lighters that gained popularity a few years ago. This one, the Saberlight Flex adds the versatility of a longer arm and flexible, 360-degree-rotatable neck to the flameless arc lighting mechanism.

The Saberlight Flex neck is 6" long, and moldable in any bent, twisted, or angled shape you can dream up. The neck also rotates 360 degrees. The incorporated plasma tech makes the lighter butane-free. Instead, it's powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery good for thousands of lights.All Saberlight lighters are weather-resistant, wind- and splash-proof for use indoors and out, and in most any conditions.

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