RediTape - EDC Duct Tape

Posted: January 05, 2017
RediTape - EDC Duct Tape
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How many times have you reached down for a strip of duct tape to repair your busted bag / cracked water bottle / ripped bike seat / dislodged car bumper (oops), only to realize you decided not to put the 55-yard roll in your pocket before you left home today? Stupid, stupid, stupid. All you would have had to do is worn your XXXL Thanksgiving dinner cargo pants and it would have tucked in right there along your mid-thigh just fine. Ah well, live and learn.

Or get some RediTape, a 5-yard, folded-over wad of duct tape that's always all set for travel, and specifically for carrying in your pocket. RediTape also eliminates the traditional chewy cardboard center of duct tape so it sits flat against your ass, or inside your tool, glove, or tackle box. The listing here is for a 2-pack, available in combos o all of your favorite duct colors, from black and gray to neons green, orange, and pink. RediTape width is the standard 1.88".

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