PIRANHA Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool

Posted: February 12, 2012
PIRANHA Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool
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Grab a PIRANHA pocket tool, and become a hero of life. With just this palm-sized, multi-purpose nugget of brilliance you'll be able to swoop through town popping bottles of Bud, tightening the bolts of leaky plumbing fixtures, securing screws on loose drawer handles, slicing through stubborn package tape, unknotting the shoelaces of small children, and prying open the hearts of their mothers.

The indefatigable PIRANHA is a mere 3.875 1.5 inches of heat-treated, corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel. Its edges and cutouts are decorated with a bevy of wrench, scraper, and bottle opener features, and a built-in compartment at its center holds full-size bits, such as the included double-ended Phillips/flathead. The tool's slim profile--only 0.14 inches--and TSA-compliance make it the perfect pocket-sized carry-on, and second best thing to have in your pants during a flight.

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