Phosforce Laser Flashlight Adapter

Posted: June 10, 2013
Phosforce Laser Flashlight Adapter

For the times you'd rather use the World's Most Powerful Laser to shed light on a situation instead of to incinerate its components, Wicked Lasers' Phosforce flashlight adapter for their Arctic 1W handheld laser pointer will blast out up to 500 lumens of radiance. One of the most powerful and efficient flashlights around, the Phosforce's phosphor coating transforms the powerful blue light the laser harnesses to sear and burn into the powerful white light human eyes harness to see things without going blind.

Wicked Lasers points out that BMW plans to incorporate phosphor technology into their vehicles' headlights, but they are proud to be able to "put the technology in your hands long before it goes on your cars." This makes me wonder what exactly it is about me that makes Wicked Lasers think I can or ever will be able to afford a BMW. And anyway, even if I had the funds to purchase a Bavarian Motor Works offspring, probably I would use the money to buy a Russian wife instead.

Upon inserting an Arctic into the Phosforce adapter, the apparatus converts the laser into light that is both extremely powerful and illuminating, as well as completely safe for the eyes. Switch easily back to laser form at any time.

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