Personal Radiation Detector

By: on December 10, 2014
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The RADTriage Radiation Detector is a U.S. Military-grade personal dosimeter, which I need because the homeless guy outside my office is always warning me about how the government is secretly allowing high levels of radiation to leach into our water supply, and also adding it to cans of Coke. Needless to say I've stopped drinking water and switched to plastic bottles of sodie only, but just to be on the safe, non-mutant side, I think I should carry this detection card around in my wallet.

The RADTriage Radiation Detector is always on and requires no batteries or calibration. Its sensor strip turns darker instantly when it detects harmful levels of radiation, beginning its alerts at 20 mSv. In addition to warning against the ingestion of water and Coke, the dosimeter card also provides heads up to those in the vicinity of nuclear reactors and dirty bombs.

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Tritium Keychains


Two things. One maybe you already know, one probably you don't. 1) Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and its natural occurrence on earth is extremely rare. However, the dopeness that is humankind can produce...

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Stealth Wear - Counter Surveillance Clothing

Privacy crusader Adam Harvey builds off of his last experiment with fashion as a means of confidentiality, CV Dazzle, with a new line of counter surveillance clothing termed Stealth Wear. While the CV Dazzle system focused...

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Spartan Radiation-Blocking Underwear

$45 from Spartan »

Spartan Underwear heard the refrain every time some newfangled food or drug or piece of tech came out too: "Twenty years from now they'll probably find out it kills you." Or, in the case of the radiation given off by...

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Big Red Button Rage Relief Device

$14.99 from ThinkGeek »

It doesn't connect to an ejection seat or the trap door above a tank swarming with electric eels and Mariah Carey after a 3-day fast, but the Big Red Button rage relief device does provide considerable catharsis for the...

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Uranium Ore

$39.95 from Amazon »

This jar of Uranium Ore--or, as I like to call it, Instant Mutant Candy--contains real samples of NORM, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials. Each container's label lists its contents' Counts Per Minute activity...

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The Atomic Grinder

$24.99 from Amazon »

You know why they made the Atomic Grinder. So you can tell everyone your herbs are the bomb. Modeled after the Mark VI nuclear bomb, this dry goods pulverizer is made of zinc alloy, and comes in your choice of shiny gold...

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Trinitite Specimen

$28 from Amazon »

You can cook up Trinitite only in a nuclear kitchen. The material comes from the US' nuclear test blast of the Trinity Bomb in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. It was Dr. Frankensteined when the intense heat of the explosion...

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Defusable Alarm Clock

Sold Out from Amazon »

Sometimes an alarm just isn't enough. It's too easy to press snooze and get another 10 minutes in. Before you know it, you're late. Here's your solution....

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Water Bhomb Pipe

Sold Out from Amazon »

Don't let Mario or Luigi near the pipe! It'll blow them up! They might be plumbers, and this pipe might be called a Water Bhomb, but my experience with the situation goes all the way back to 1989. My mama's basement....

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Traser H3 Translucent Tritium Watch

$225 from Amazon »

Plunge into darkness, or dark waters up to 100' deep, without ever losing track of how many minutes it is until Better Call Saul starts with Traser's H3 Translucent Tritium Watch. The Swiss watchmaker so named its time...

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Nuclear Glow Soap

United Nuclear's Nuclear Element Glow Soaps will scrub you clean. Clean and genetically modified. Maybe like Spider-Man. Maybe like Sloth from The Goonies....

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Nuke Lamp

$1,388.66 from Shapeways »

This is what my head feels like this morning. I thought it would be appropriate for the day after New Year's Eve (aka New Year's Day) in case yours does too. Misery loves company. Company now comes in the form of a Nuke...