Nimble Finger Blade

Posted: November 17, 2017
Nimble Finger Blade
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Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack run your finger blade through that gift wrap like a laser cutter through a sheet of acrylic. The Nimble Safety Cutter slips over a finger - any one of them, you pick - and allows you to cut through cuttable things from wrapping paper to packing tape with a single digit. Lickety split.

The finger blade is made of flexible silicone rubber and, obviously, resembles a thimble crossed with a person wearing a yellow sheet over their head pretending to be a ghost. Wearing the itty bitty slicer like extension of your hand gives you more control during use, and keeps the instrument close at hand (heh, heh) during projects so it doesn't get buried under scraps of paper or accidentally left in the kitchen when you take a whiskey and ice cream break from wrapping Christmas presents.

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