Mininch Tool Pens

Posted: December 16, 2016
Mininch Tool Pens
$69 - $89
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Tired of wearing that Inspector Gadget trench filled with screwdrivers and bits? The Mininch Tool Pen gives you an alternative to schlepping around your DIY and In Case of Emergency tools in your coat lining (or your toolbox) on a daily basis. The pocket-sized, admittedly elegant-looking pen incorporates a "Pop-A-Point" design to fit a ton of bits within the barrel of a pen. Need an SL3? Pop it out and snap it into the slot at the end of the pen to create and instant driver.

Mininch Pens hold 6 bits at a time, but the Premium Edition Gunmetal, Champagne Gold, and Snow Silver colors all come with 16 bits (Mininch also has a mini Aplus Edition that comes with 22 bits). You can choose from Metric and Imperial hex sizes.

In addition to their physical ease of access, Mininch tries to make their bits visually accessible as well by printing bit sizes and icons on all sides, and including "airplane windows" in the pen for quick clarification on what's inside. Pen bodies are made of machined aluminum and the bits S2 tool steel.

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