Micaton Magnet Driver Screw Holder

Posted: May 09, 2019
Micaton Magnet Driver Screw Holder
$16.95 - $59
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Thanks to the Micaton Magnet Driver I can screw with one hand. (Dudes, feel free to borrow that line for your online dating profile.) Micaton uses neodymium magnets and color-coded sleeves that slide over your existing screwdrivers and power tools to hold screws in place as you install them.

According to Micaton, their Magnet Drivers are next-level compared to other magnetized bits because they have a strong enough attraction both to keep screws in place, and keep the bit from falling off as you work with it. Maintaining a straight screw and ensuring a direct drive, the screw holders help prevent cross-threading and stripped screws.

Micaton Magnet Drivers come in 3 different allotments. The B33PH includes a 3/16", 15/64", and 1/4" diameter sleeve to fit on a basic number of screwdrivers and power bits. The B50 set includes the previous 3, plus 2 more holders, a 1/8" and a second 1/4". You can also go for Micaton's Set 17, especially if you're looking for an all-in-one gift for Dad and Mom this Father's Day. Fun new tools for Dad, fun new tools that will make Dad want to fix things for Mom. The Set 17 includes all sleeve diameters, plus 10 different power bits, and a magnetized nail holder.

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