Jabiru Bottle Top Stemware

Posted: May 01, 2013
Jabiru Bottle Top Stemware

Almost a year ago Patrick Lehoux's Kinkajou Bottle Cutter found funding success on Kickstarter as an efficient glass slicer that bypasses the bulk and unattractiveness of standard models. It transforms beer, wine, liquor, any bottle you got into everything from vases to drinking glasses to toothbrush holders to decorative chandeliers. However, one thing the Kinkajou doesn't do is put to use the bottle tops it hacks off during the cutting process. I tried using mine as cymbals, a plunger, and bowling pins, but each attempt culminated with me bleeding...a lot...so I threw in the (blood-soaked) towel.

But now, thanks to the Jabiru, new hope for the safe application of previously discarded bottle tops arises.

Lehoux designed the Jabiru to increase the Kinkajou's usefulness. Named after a large South American bird that can stand on one foot without toppling over, Jabiru is a set of stems that plug into the spout of cut bottle tops to provide a leak-free base. Resultant creations look like leggy glasses that serve as...well, leggy glasses. Goblets for wine and beer. Or, check it in the photo, holders of mankind's greatest culinary invention: ice cream.

The Jabiru project runs on Kickstarter through June 15, 2013. Those who already own a Kinkajou can add the Jabiru to their stash for an additional $20 to $25, and those who don't have their hands on any of the glass slashers yet can pledge $95 for a Kinkajou/Jabiru combo.

December 2013 Update: Jabiru exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the Bottle Cutting, Inc. website--follow the link below.

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