Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

By: on December 10, 2014
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I feel like giving men tool kits as gifts is sort of like giving women exercise equipment: it's the ultimate passive aggressive way to take a dig. In this case, "Hey, do some chores," instead of, "Hey, lose some weight." But for the DIY Daddy-Os out there who, unlike me, actually enjoy activities other than sitting on their asses and watching TV, Denali's 115-piece home repair tool kit will arm them with everything they'll need to do anything needed around the house.

The kit arrives arranged in a heavy-duty nylon Denali bag that's flexible for stashing under a sink cabinet, but lined with metal stabilizing rods in the zipper so it opens wide and stays that way during use (and for that reason, I hear dentists and porno directors are especially big Denali fans.) Inside you'll find the following tools:

  • 16-ounce ripping hammer with heavy duty fiberglass handle.
  • 9" aluminum Torpedo level.
  • Tape measure, 3/4" wide x 16' long.
  • Heavy-duty zinc utility knife with rubber grip.
  • Wrenches: 16-piece hex key/Allen set, 8 in metric and 8 in English measurements; 6-piece combination wrench set with steel clip.
  • Pliers: 8" needle-nose with wire-cutting blades; 8" diagonal; 8" groove-joint; 7" nickel-coating locking pliers; wire cutters.
  • Screwdrivers: 14 x flat heads; 9 x Phillips heads; 3 x square heads; 10 x star heads; 10 x hex; 4 x Pozidriv; 14 x nut drivers.
  • Drill Bits: 13-piece titanium-coated high-speed steel with steel case; 50-piece chrome vanadium steel 1-inch screwdriver bit set; 5-piece masonry bit set with steel case. (Note: Drill not included).
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