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By: on January 27, 2015
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Hmmm, it appears that a certain cooler has started a trend. And while the Coolbox doesn't have a blender...yet...this so-called "toolbox of the future" does transcend all other toolboxes I've seen in terms of features, handiness, souped uppedness, and, yes, fine, coolness.

To all the classic toolbox storage and compartments you'd expect the Coolbox adds a modernized, hardy design and--DIYers, get your Oh boy!s ready--the following 21st century extras:

  • A whiteboard inside the lid
  • An LED floodlight along the top of the toolbox's front face
  • A built-in bottle opener
  • A built-in digital clock
  • A pair of built-in Bluetooth speakers on the front
  • Dual USB ports
  • An integrated AC power bar on the side
  • A 10' retractable power cord
  • An internal battery
  • Tablet stands both on the top of the magnetic lid and just inside the lid
  • A removable internal tray for 2 levels of tool storage
  • Dual handles and wheels for your choice of carrying

Coolbox dimensions are 22" long x 12" deep x 9-1/2" tall. Empty weight is 14.4 pounds, with a maximum load capacity of 65 pounds. Storage by volume is 1797.12 cubic inches.

Coolbox seeks crowdfunding on Indiegogo through March 12, 2015. Given that the project launched just one day ago and has already amassed nearly $93,000 in pledges (the Coolbox team, led by Mike D'Agostini and Christopher Engelo, was seeking $50,000) it will not only proceed with production, but may also face Coolest Cooler levels of demand. If you think the Coolbox can handle it...or you just really, really, really, really want one and are willing to take the risk...make your pledge here.

Muchas danke to Tony C. for the Dude Product Tip.

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