Air Hammer Compressed Air Tool

Posted: November 08, 2017
Air Hammer Compressed Air Tool
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The Air Hammer from Ingersoll Rand uses compressed air to deliver a 2-5/8" stroke and 3,500 blows per minute. It comes with a 3-piece chisel set to, uh, drive the job home. Use it to cut metal, fix exhaust systems, and make general repairs, or just run the Air Hammer for 15- to 30-second increments over the hour at 7 a.m. next Saturday morning to repay the neighbors for doing the same with their leaf blower last week.

The Air Hammer's head is designed with a quick-change retainer to faciliate the fast swap-out of the tapered punch, panel cutter, and flat chisel. The tool is made with an alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston primed for cutting, chipping, scraping, and pounding.

Ingersoll Rand says the Air Hammer feel is "award-winning" for ergonomics, with a contoured grip and high level torque accuracy along with increased productivity and safety. The Air Hammer measures 8-1/2" long and weighs 4.1 pounds.

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