30" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Posted: February 03, 2018
Telescopic 30" Magnet Pick-Up Tool
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Two points of note about this 30" Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool: 1) It has a 15-pound pull capacity, which means it can attract and retrieve some heavy-ass clamps you maybe dropped behind the even heavier-ass tool cabinet in your garage; 2) The magnetic tool's 15-pound pull capacity also means in can jack up your pacemaker or other electronic devices, so you should not be toting this telescopic mate around in your shirt pocket or nestled next to the brand new iPhone X in your bag.

Collapsed the Pick-Up Tool has a length of 7", and it can extend incrementally up to the full 30". Use it to find metal nuts, bolts, screws, pins, and clips that have fallen into crevices, or that you just don't feel like picking up yourself.

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