The Brief Safe

Posted: August 30, 2013
  • The Brief Safe
  • The Brief Safe
  • The Brief Safe
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Uh, those are gross. And while I know gross is the fundamental point of a poo-stained pair of briefs with a hidden, Velcro-sealed compartment in the fly...dude...those are gross. And it gets worse: according to The Brief Safe's manufacturer, their untidy tighty whities also contain an "authentic formula" that outputs a scent to further deter thieves from swiping their contents. Yes, that's right. Aromatic for further thief determent.

Just when you thought the point of buying a pair of men's underwear that have been pre-shat-upon was for fun or, wamp, wamp, for shits and grins, The Brief Safe points out that they have actually been specially designed to trigger our gag reflex as a means of keeping the wandering eyes...and hands...of hotel cleaning staff, TSA officials and airport baggage handlers, probably even nosy wives and girlfriends away from the most sensitive belongings we own that can fit inside a 4" x 10" pouch.

I'm totally getting a pair and putting them on my friend Cornelius' couch with his PS3 controllers peeking out of the fly.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Chris H. Thanks for sending your sick, twisted, yet also pretty damn useful humor our way, Chris.

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