SelectaDNA Human Marking & Tracking Guns

By: on January 26, 2013

Genetics always triumph in the end. In the case of the SelectaDNA High Velocity DNA Tagging System, pellet-sized building blocks of life fire from either a pistol or a rifle at a target up to 100 to 130 feet away--typically a criminal, destroyer of the peace, or suspect otherwise deemed by law enforcement as "bad"--who would otherwise be challenging or unsafe for the shooter to apprehend. When the pellet hits it disperses a unique, non-toxic, short-chain ACGT code easily decipherable, as well as linkable to the gun that shot it, by a molecular genetic lab. It allows the police to "mark" people for takedown, drag-in, and questioning at a later time, in turn associating suspects with or exonerating them from involvement in a situation that could lead to arrest and prosecution.

Pellets use micro dot technology, meaning that upon striking they release pin-head sized flat circular dots just visible to the naked eye. The DNA code emerges under a microscope.

SelectaDNA developed its High Velocity DNA Tagging System with crowded areas and long distances in mind. Like protests and World Cup soccer games and good ol' fashioned cop-and-robber foot chases. Though I'm a little confused as to how tagging a potential arrestee is going to help in his/her capture if it's just some random person in a mob who the po don't know, and who manages to elude their pursuit. However, during major criminal acts, such as robberies and assaults, I could see the benefit of DNA-blasting someone in the back of the head, as those types tend to be repeat offenders or otherwise more easily located with the help of witnesses and Batman.

My other question is: don't these superficial double helices wash off? If I got caught sticking my face under the soft-serve ice cream machine nozzle at my local fro-yo joint again and the fat security guard who is no match for my Usain Bolt speed, even with 3 pounds of dairy in my gut, suddenly appeared with a SelectaDNA pistol and shot me in the leg, could I not just go home and Lever 2000 my leg with a loofah? My guess, based on the fact that I'm not that smart and even I thought of this potential quandary, is the pellets' juice has some staying power, but I can find no specific address of what I would consider this SelectaDNA FAQ. Then again, in addition to being of barely average intelligence, I am also exceedingly lazy so it could be that I'm just not looking hard enough.

SelectaDNA guns come in pistol and rifle forms, differentiated mainly by size, power source, and ammunition capacity. Both have similar ranges. The pistol harnesses power from a 12g powerlet holding up to 20 shots at a time. Pellets come in packs of 14, with each pellet in a pack containing the same unique DNA code (codes differ between packs, and the laws of mathematics state there are an infinite number of combinations available.) During lab analysis, a SelectaDNA reagent kit helps match hit targets to the gun that fired at them.

The High Velocity DNA Tagging System is the newest in SelectaDNA's line of similar products. They also carry a sort of DNA mace that both fends off and marks attackers, as well as a spray for individuals to use in designating personal property--valuables that, if stolen, have a permanent imprint of rightful ownership.

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