Scout - Hassle-Free Home Security System

By: on September 11, 2013
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ADT had better either step up its game or get ready for retirement because with all of the user-controlled, smartphone-based home security systems trickling onto the market it won't be long now until third-party remote (and costly) monthly watchdog services become obsolete. Scout, a forthcoming self-ascribed hassle-free home security system, consists of a WiFi-enabled base station and communicator, arm/disarm panels, and optional motion sensors. In addition to equipping users with the tools they need to take the overseeing and protection of their homes into their own hands, Scout also indicates a quick and simple set-up, without wires and extensive hardware, so the system is just as easily employed by renters as owners.

Those who have used home security systems may find Scout's greatest appeal to be its optional response feature. When it detects a breach, instead of alerting a third party or the police, which can incur hefty fees if the alert is a false alarm, Scout alerts you directly. It specifies what element was tripped and where the trip occurred, and gives the option of pursuing or ignoring the notice.

Scout requires no monthly fees for operation, though its base station does contain a 3G cellular chip for those who want to purchase a monthly monitoring plan and coverage from Boo Radley in the event of a WiFi outage. The base station also serves as Scout's hub, connecting to a smartphone or computer for system configuration, check-ins, and alerts. It has a backup battery to preclude system shutdown during a loss of power.

Working in tandem with the base station are arm/disarm panels, open/close sensors (optional add-on), and motion sensors (optional add-on). Arm/disarm panels install at each door users wish to enable as alarm activators/deactivators. Door panels supplement smartphones or computers, which can perform the same on/off functions. Push-and-stick open/close sensors install at doors or windows--including those covering liquor cabinets and safes--and deliver alerts when one is opened, while motion sensors oversee living areas to which intruders could gain access without opening a door or window (e.g., rooms with a lot of exterior glass.)

Scout's software gives users numerous customization options, as well as the ability to approve access to a protected home remotely.

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