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By: on December 26, 2013
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I have exactly two recurring dreams. One is about 12th grade calculus and my having to take a final exam even though I did not realize I was signed up for the class, and the other is about not being able to remember my locker combination and freaking the F out because in my dream I somehow do not understand that A) there exist such things as lock cutters and B) the Big Brothers of High School obviously have all students' locker combinations on file somewhere. Both dreams are extremely stressful, and when I wake up from them I experience one of the few times I am happier to be awake than asleep.

On top of all that, I still regularly space my locker combination in real, non-REM-sleep life when I go to the gym, as well as which locker I put my stuff in and which lock is mine. So I feel like the iFingerLock, a biometric padlock that operates with the slide-and-scan of a fingerprint, could address some of these memory shortfalls and assuage the periodic trauma I must endure.

iFingerLock padlocks accommodate up to 10 different fingerprints (1 administrator + 9 approved users) and require no computer or other external attachment for programming or use. They are powered by 2 AAA batteries, and retain all stored fingerprint information even when their batteries run out. Each lock comes with a unique, matching USB key for managing stored fingerprints. Recommended applications, in addition to lockers, include cabinets and boxes containing sensitive items (e.g., weapons and medicines), guest housing and rental units, and Kanye West's mouth.

On a final note, if you Google Image "iFingerLock", it thinks you mean "fingerlock", and Google Image results for "fingerlock" include some very interesting photos of women wrestling circa 1986.

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