Canary - User-Controlled Smart Home Security

By: on August 14, 2013
$177.49 - $194.95
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Sandy D. Dude Product Tipped us off to the Canary user-controlled smart home security device with the pitch that it "will phone you if it notices unusual activity in your home," and, if that's not enough of a draw, you can also "use it to spy on your pets or children." Sandy D.! Is that all you think of me? That I am dumb enough to own pets or children? Well I can assure you I am not. However, if I were and if I did, you bet your last shot of Jack before blackout I'd use the Canary security system to spy on their devious little asses.

Canary provides HD video camera monitoring of the space it views without the monthly fees and false, pricey calls to the police. Its sensors track motion, temperature, air quality, vibration, sound, and activity, and beam the information to your connected smartphone via a free Canary app. If something seems amiss, Canary will send an alert. To you, not a central agency or local law enforcement agency. After reviewing the issue, you'll be able to decide what, if any, action to take.

Canary security systems are compatible with any iPhone or Android device and, over time, learns your home's "rhythms" to send alerts when most appropriate. Some examples include: sudden temperature changes that could indicate a fire, or one of the kids standing in front of the fridge with the door open too long; and sound and movement disturbances suggesting an intrusion, or one of the kids having underage sex.

Users control when Canary is armed, and which individual sensors are activated at any given time. All of these features can be operated remotely with the mobile app, from pretty much anywhere in the world the connected phone can get cell service. [Sprint customers, insert scoff and snide remark here.]

Additionally, should you be a cat who loves stats, Canary will track over time home properties and trends such as temperature, air quality, humidity, and audio/video movement.

Canary continues to blow up on Indiegogo's crowdfunding site through August 26, 2013. Options are available for 2 different styles of the security module, as well as multiple, connectable units.

January 2014 Update: Canary is now available for direct purchase.

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