Star Wars Terrariums

Posted: September 22, 2012
Star Wars Terrariums
  • Star Wars Terrariums
  • Yoda Terrarium
  • Yoda Terrarium - Closeup View
  • R2D2 Terrarium
  • R2D2 Terrarium
  • Forest of Endor Ewok Terrarium

Although caged in a hanging glass globe, Yoda appears at peace amidst the pebbles and artificial mosses of his terrarium. Artist Tony Larson first hand-carved the terrain and planted the delicate landscape before showing the vintage figure of wisdom and disjointed syntax to his new home. Again, the plants are not living, which in a way makes me think the Beetlejuice Terrarium is way better, but in another way makes me think maybe that's not such a bad thing because I don't actually enjoy the administrative task of feeding and taking care of things.

Yoda Terrariums are made to order, and measure 5" around. If hanging isn't your thing, they also have a flat bottom for display on a shelf or table.

In addition to the Yodified terrarium, Larson sells another en-sphered Star Wars bad boy, R2D2. He comes in a choice of mini or full-size R2D2 on Tatooine, a 5" or 7" globe with a desert landscape ($104).

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