Recycled Motorcycle Carburetor Planter

Posted: September 25, 2014
Recycled Motorcycle Carburetor Planter

If I had an old motorcycle carburetor I would probably throw it in a dump truck on its way to a landfill, where it would join the other mountains of trash in a slow but eternal process of killing living things. A far better man than I (and probably a bigger hit with the ladies as it seems he has a Greek accent), Ar. Gev of HardResols instead recycles old motorcycle carburetors, finessing them into planters that don't just not destroy life, but give it a place to flourish.

This former carburetor is now a snazzy (and sturdy) industrial-styled home for a cactus, other succulent, or air plant. Its base measures about 4.3'' x 5.5'', and height is 3.2'' from base to top.

HardResols also repurposes other used materials, such as broken PC parts, motherboards, circuits, hard disks, and capacitors into goods both decorative and useful. Check out his Etsy shop for unique gift ideas, including clocks, cuff links, wine bottle stoppers, and desk organizers.

The recycled motorcycle carburetor planter is a top Dude Gift for a Man and Gift for the Office pick.

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